The Best Ways To Embrace Scene Beauty In 2023 Because It Wasn't A Phase, Mom

"She's got makeup by the mirror in her bedroom, thigh-high fishnets, and some black boots. Nose pierced with the cigarette perfume, half dead, but she still looks so cute." Do you recognize these lyrics from Machine Gun Kelly's controversial yet undeniably catchy song, "Emo Girl?" Because of celebrities like Kelly, we've seen a rise in tattoos, piercings, and emo and punk-inspired outfits. But society isn't just taking a surprising interest in the emo subculture and punk music. Various edgier-than-once-societally-accepted styles are getting a lot of attention in 2023, as more and more people are now embracing the e-girl look and exploring the rockstar girlfriend fashion trend. The in-your-face and colorful scene style is making a comeback, too, as you can see on TikTok.

If you want to experiment with scene fashion, you should check out Dolls Kill, a famously edgy clothing retailer. Scene hair and makeup are super fun to explore, too. Haley, a 23-year-old scene TikToker, told Refinery29 UK, "To me, scene makeup is a statement; a middle finger to anyone who would insist that people behave or present a certain way for the sake of other people's comfort ... It's unrestricted self-expression ... the bold colors make me feel more confident ...."  There are many ways to explore scene beauty, so have fun with it!

Explore non-traditional hair colors

The scene look is typically about appearing stylistically daring with plenty of punk rock attitude through unconventional looks — but with a bright twist. So, what better way to jump into the scene aesthetic than to color your hair a fun, wild, unexpected hue? Try neon pink, blue, yellow, green, purple, or a bit of them all — the brighter, the better!

Flaunt some piercings

Whether you're going for punk, emo, or scene vibes, wearing piercings on your nose, lips, tongue, and even ears will always make you appear like a non-conformist, helping you achieve the look, so you shouldn't be afraid to show off your piercings if you have some. Anyone who wants to experiment with piercings but is worried about the pain or doesn't want to commit for the long term should consider purchasing clip-on options instead.

Rock bold hair accessories

Adding neon clips, bows, or hair ties to your tresses is another fun way to embrace the look. These accessories are excellent options for anyone who wants a bold, scene hairstyle without having to dye their hair. Match the accessories to your outfit, or go for dauntless contrast; it'll be cute either way.

Experiment with eyeliner

Intense eyeliner is helpful for all edgy aesthetics from gothcore to grunge looks to scene beauty, as a dark, heavy, or graphic liner will add more attitude to your appearance. While you can't go wrong with black eyeliner, using colorful eyeliner to create unique designs is perfect for the scene category, so you shouldn't be afraid of exploring blue, red, pink, or purple eyeliners.

Eyeshadow, eyeshadow, eyeshadow

Regardless of what you do with your hair and the rest of your makeup, eyeshadow is crucial for nailing the bold scene look. Have fun with various eyeshadow palettes and hues to achieve the colorful, wild scene style with your makeup. Whether you opt for a vibrant rainbow look or a unique design, intense eyeshadow gives loud scene energy.

Try a bold lip

Wearing bright, loud lipstick is a fun and easy way to add more color and intensity to your makeup. You can't go wrong with rocking a prominent red or vibrant pink lipstick to make your lips pop for a flattering yet bold look. Or, try flaunting a dauntless blue or green lipstick for a wild, super scene vibe.

Add some sparkle to your look

Who says you can't add a touch of glitter to your scene-inspired makeup? While the scene style is typically loud and unapologetically edgy, some shiny details can make you look more glamorous. Therefore, consider adding sparkly touches to your eyeshadow or lips for a more glam twist on scene beauty.

Don't worry about what others think

Embracing the scene style is all about expressing yourself without worrying about other people's opinions. So, don't be afraid to show off your vibrant hair, face and ear piercings, and intense makeup, as long as it makes you happy. Be yourself and be confident — and if anyone has a problem with how you look, that problem is theirs, not yours.