The Best Hairstyles To Embrace The E-Girl Look

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Everyone on social media is probably familiar with the e-girl aesthetic by now. Somewhat similar to the alt-girl, punk girl, emo, and goth aesthetics — with sometimes girly, youthful details — the e-girl vibe is edgy, quirky in a dark way, at times cutesy, and fun. Furthermore, e-girls are influenced by gamer and social media culture, as this bold subculture rose to fame on TikTok, where you'll find countless videos devoted to the e-girl aesthetic.

Regarding e-girl fashion, you'll see a lot of e-girls wearing short skirts, fishnets, graphic T-shirts, and lots of zippers (via TikTok). Moreover, many e-girl looks feature black, pink, and white for contrast, bows, and dauntless statement-making shoes, per TikTok. Not-so-subtle makeup is another crucial aspect of the e-girl aesthetic in addition to the intense outfits, as there are over 460,000 posts devoted to #egirlmakeup on Instagram. Many e-girls rock graphic eyeliner, bold lips, striking eye shadow, and heavily made-up or filtered doll-like skin that goes along with the social media/online culture. But clothes and makeup aren't the only prominent aspects of an e-girl's appearance; the right hairstyle is the perfect way to complete the aesthetic. We know all the best hairstyles that embrace the e-girl look.

Unconventional hair colors

When we searched #egirlhair on Instagram, we noticed a lot of vivid, unconventional hair colors. For instance, we consistently saw a lot of purple hair, as this hue truly fits the edgy yet somewhat girly aesthetic. Bright red hair is another popular choice for e-girls, since it's so eye-catching, in addition to pink locks, which perfectly capture the edgy-yet-kind-of-cutesy concept. Vivid blue or rainbow tresses fit the aesthetic, too, as do more specific two-toned looks, such as half hot pink and half blond.

As ideal as colorful locks are for the e-girl style, we're aware that these vibrant hair colors aren't practical for some people's everyday lifestyles. If that's the case, colorful wigs are an excellent option for aspiring e-girls who want to rock nontraditional hair colors and might not feel comfortable flaunting such daring looks at their day jobs or don't want to have to keep going back to the salon for maintenance. Anyone looking for an e-girl-inspired wig should check out the Multicolor NiceLisa Women Girls 16 Inches Blue Purple Fashion Party Cosplay Wig, selling on Amazon for just over $15. Labeled Amazon's Choice for colorful e-girl wigs, this daring product features a fun combination of different shades of blue and purple. Plus, it has 4.1 stars with over 300 reviews.

Pigtail looks

We often see once-wholesome pigtails adopted into edgier, sexier subcultures than we expected, such as the e-girl group. For example, a TikToker named Jade, who has pink tresses that give off an e-girl vibe, posted a video sharing different hairstyles. In her TikTok, Jade rocks a partial pigtail look where most of her hair is down, but she has two mini pigtails at the top of her head, and she calls this "The og egirl." This girly, cute hairstyle fits the playful essence of the e-girl, making it a cute hairstyle to explore for aspiring e-girls. Additionally, she flaunts a more classic pigtail look, where both sections of her hair are in pigtails, but her face-framing layers are left down, adding more dimension to the hairstyle.

Pigtails are an excellent option for people who want to embrace the e-girl look, as this easy hairstyle doesn't require you to color or cut your hair. All you need are locks long enough to put into the two ponytails and two hair ties, and you'll be able to make your pigtails! After all, think of the fictional Harley Quinn in "Suicide Squad" and "Birds of Prey." The sexy yet dangerous Quinn was the ultimate e-girl with her loud, provocative outfits and sassy personality, and her signature colorful pigtails were so iconic, as pigtails are the perfect hairstyle for e-girls who enjoy those movies.

Bangs, bangs, bangs

As mentioned earlier, there's a whole hashtag on Instagram devoted to hairstyles for e-girls; that hashtag features more than 98,000 posts at the time of writing. While the e-girls who pop up on this hashtag flaunt a wide variety of hairstyles and hair colors, one detail that many of them have is bangs. Some have two-toned bangs, some have purple bangs, some have red-orange bangs, and some have rainbow bangs, and those are just a few of the many examples. Not only do people in this subculture with different hair colors rock bangs, but there are different styles and lengths of bangs, too. E-girl bangs can go to your eyebrows or even longer or shorter and can be blunt or more of a fringe. Side bangs fit the aesthetic, too. Thus, sassy bangs scream e-girl.

Bangs are so popular in the e-girl community that you can find #egirlbangs on Instagram, a hashtag with more than 400 posts. But if you're considering getting bangs to rock an e-girl look, you might want to fake bangs to test them out before committing, as once you get them, they'll be there for a while. You should also be sure to choose a flattering bang style for your face shape. For instance, if you have an oval face shape, "Ask for bangs that hit between the brow and the eyelash and are longer on the edges," Mark Townsend, Dakota Johnson's hairstylist, told InStyle.

Ultra-chunky highlights

Many Y2K hairstyles are making a comeback, such as chunky, skunky highlights. This hairstyle is all about contrast, featuring a dark base color with light blond — or even white — thick highlights (via Instagram). While this dramatic hairstyle isn't for people who prefer a more subtle look, the dauntless appearance is excellent for an edgy e-girl style. When done well, thick highlights can be super flattering, too. "It's low maintenance but dramatic at the same time, giving a soft, youthful effect to the face. You still have the darkness to create balance so you won't look washed out or too blonde," Rita Hazan, a hair colorist and hair salon founder, told Allure.

Any aspiring e-girls who want to rock chunky highlights but don't want to commit to coloring their hair can use clip-ins to get the look without the commitment. A TikToker named Tiffany put a couple of clip-in highlights in her dark tresses and styled her locks with her fingers to get the chunky highlight look, per TikTok, and the results were fun, edgy, and exuded e-girl energy. Whether you go to the salon to achieve this daring look or opt for the clip-in technique instead, you'll be rocking a trendy hairstyle that fits right in with the e-girl subculture.

Double buns

We know what you're probably thinking: how can the words "bun" and "e-girl" ever be in the same sentence? But we're not talking about a classic, prim-and-proper, tight ballerina or formal bun. We're talking about rocking two messy buns in your hair for an edgy look, almost like a spin-off of pigtails. A TikToker showed two ways to create these buns in a video; luckily, the style isn't too advanced or time-consuming. First, divide your tresses into two sections, leaving some strands in front. Next, put one side of your hair in a hair tie like you would do to create a pigtail, but instead of securing the ponytail, leave your hair in the bun shape, and do this on both sides. The other way to get this messy-chic look is to use your hands to make a low messy bun formation and secure it with your hair tie. And feel free to enhance the look with clips and barrettes like you see in the video. The way this look combines messiness with cuteness is perfect for e-girl aesthetics.

If you want to do more experimenting with double buns, you'll see that there are many variations of the space buns hairstyle, as there are over 400,000 posts dedicated to #spacebuns on Instagram. This hairstyle looks stylish whether your locks are blond, greenred, or any other hue.

So, which of these e-girl-inspired hairstyles do you plan to try first?