Electric Citrus Nails Are The Bright Trend Adding A Spark To Your Summer Manicure

It's that time of year again: Mismatched swimsuits are hanging up to dry on the deepest clearance racks, and back-to-school displays are setting up shop just about everywhere you turn. But summer isn't over just yet, so why not squeeze a little joy into your next manicure as we close out the sunny season? Whether you're a fixture of the local nail salon or haven't had a chance to paint a single accent nail all year, there's one more juicy nail trend just around the corner.

The latest in a series of fruit-inspired nails, electric citrus manicures are making a splash across social media feeds everywhere. As the name suggests, this viral beauty trend packs a punch of neon brightness and shine alongside a pleasing, citrusy color palette. From hot pink grapefruit hues to luminous lime greens, there are endless possibilities to explore with electric citrus sets. Curious to see more? Lucky for you, we've curated a few of our favorite electric citrus looks to help you pick your favorite fruit of the bunch. Now, grab a tall glass of lemonade — or an Arnold Palmer — and get ready to take part in one of the summer's sweetest trends.

Lime green French manicure

This shockingly bright and outside-the-box French manicure combines a few of our favorite trends, from ombré nails to the very current electric citrus movement. It may be easier to try this design at the nail salon, but we're willing to bet you can pull it off at home with the help of your favorite neon lacquer and a trusty detail brush.

Literal lemon glitter look

If lemon is your citrus fruit of choice, you can't go wrong with this straightforward set. Its sparkling yellow polish is sure to brighten your mood, and we adore the addition of a painted lemon slice as an accent nail. Use a semi-sheer glitter lacquer, or opt for an opaque neon in its place for an entirely different take.

Grapefruit blush aura nails

Triple the fun on your end-of-summer nail salon run with this popping electric citrus aura manicure, which just so happens to suit the Barbiecore fashion trend, too. We love the look of a hypnotic hot pink for the center of this blushing set, but you can use a warmer, ruby-red grapefruit color if you so desire.

Orange dream almond mani

Lemonade is a bonafide summertime classic, but there's just something about orange-flavored treats like Creamsicles and Push Pops. If you can't get enough orange in your life this time of year, you'll want to sport this dopamine-infused interpretation of the electric citrus manicure. Paired with an almond nail shape, this style creates a look that's almost good enough to eat.

Yuzu juice stiletto set

Can't decide which electric citrus manicure is for you? You might be inspired by yuzu, the delectable fruit that's said to possess hints of grapefruit, orange, lemon, and lime. Just like tart yuzu juice, this manicure has a bright yellow finish and some serious a-peel. Above all, it's a super cute way to hop on this 2023 nail color trend before the season comes to a close.