How To Use Your Zodiac Sign To Be More Productive

Maintaining the high levels of productivity the modern world demands can be a challenge, to say the least. After all, there are only so many hours in a day to work, do chores, cultivate your hobbies, and take care of yourself. Attempting to whittle down a to-do list that never ends — not to mention trying to ignore the magnetic allure of your phone — can lead to an increasing amount of burnout, shame, stress, and anxiety (via Psychology Today). Without the right tools, you may find it impossible to maintain the productivity levels required to meet your personal and professional goals.

For some, astrology holds the key to better productivity. By understanding your astrological sign's strengths and weaknesses, astrologists believe that you may be able to take advantage of the "work smarter, not harder" mentality and reap outstanding benefits. "You can use your sign's specific advantages to optimize your workflow, focus on building the right relationships, and take the right projects that suit you," astrologist and spiritual healer Siobhan Johnson tells Reader's Digest.

This knowledge is also useful for weeding out productivity tips that, though they work for others, might not work for you. Whether you want to increase your productivity to finish a passion project, better your mental health, or simply make more money, harnessing the power of your astrological sign may be able to help you achieve meaningful and high-quality productivity in your life.

Aries: Work in short sprints

Aries are energetic, ambitious, and highly competitive people that don't shy away from a challenge. As one of the four cardinal signs of the zodiac — and a fire sign — Aries love to start new projects and are confident enough to dive headfirst into the great unknown with little concern for the potential ramifications. These traits make them great leaders, inspiring coworkers, and fantastic friends. However, their passionate, impatient natures can also get the better of them, leading to impulsive decision-making that inhibits their productivity goals. They are also easily distracted and may struggle to finish their numerous projects as a result. 

If you are an Aries that wants to get more done in your 24-hour day, working in sprints may prove beneficial. Also referred to as working in intervals or the "work and rest cycle," this technique involves working between 25 to 90-minute chunks of time and then taking a break. During this time, you dedicate yourself to a specific task and do not engage with distractions until the time is up. This method is based on the scientifically-backed idea that our brains "can only focus for 90 to 120 minutes at a time" (via CNBC). After that, if you wish to maintain the same level of productivity, a substantial period of rest is required. This method may be able to keep your busy Aries brain on task throughout the day and help you finish all those great projects.

Taurus: Work from a to-do list

Once a Taurus settles into a particular way of doing things, it is difficult for them to change course. Everything they do, they do to the max in their quiet, subdued ways. They are creatures of comfort and stability who want nothing more than to live their lives exactly how they want, regardless of the judgments or opinions of others. This means that if a Taurus decides they exclusively prefer relaxing pursuits over tedious obligations at work or school, they may struggle to find the energy to be productive where it counts or complete necessary projects. Being more productive may be challenging, but it's possible.

Instead of procrastination or outright ignoring the tasks you don't want to do, simply writing them down in a neat to-do list can work wonders for your productivity levels. Start your day with a short list of the items you have to accomplish that day, focusing on manageable goals. This method can help you schedule out your day and foster better time management, and crossing out tasks as you complete them can serve as a visual motivator to finish the rest of your to-dos. Downloading a productivity app to tackle your to-do list may also be helpful. Don't forget to reward yourself with a treat, like your favorite chocolate or a decadent glass of wine, once your to-do list for the day is complete. After all, you earned it! 

Gemini: Connect with your co-workers

A Gemini's complex, analytical mind is a constant whir of thoughts and feelings, pushing them into constant information overload. While this lends to their quick wit and top-notch communication skills, it also makes them more susceptible to distraction. They are masters at turning a passing idea into a full-blown thought spiral unrelated to the work they should be doing. Having the internet at their fingertips definitely doesn't help. "[Geminis] should consider disabling their internet on their computers or phones, so they don't get carried away by ideas no relevant to the task at hand," psychic and astrologer Joshua MacGuire tells Bustle. "Otherwise, their impulse to find out more about spacecraft, for instance, may land them on Nicki Minaj's YouTube channel without them knowing exactly how they got there." 

This doesn't mean you have to languish in a sterile office or throw your phone into the nearest dumpster. Your dynamic, dual-natured brain requires constant stimulation, which means your productivity can be boosted by connecting with real people. You are a social being who often feels inspired by the diverse experiences and ideas of others, feelings which you can then channel into your own work. Being friends with at least some of your coworkers is also proven to minimize burnout and increase productivity (via Business News Daily). While you should avoid spending all day chatting at your coworker's desk, having a relationship with the people you work with may prove beneficial for your overall productivity. 

Cancer: Energize with self-care breaks

Sensitive Cancer strongly believes in taking care of others before themselves. Being naturally giving and supportive of the people they care about is a fact woven into their astrological DNA. However, spending their valuable time worrying over others takes away from time spent on their own projects, sometimes to the detriment of their productivity. Cancers also feel the stress of being unproductive more acutely than other signs as a result of their kind-hearts and intimate connection to the Moon. It is important for you, sweet Cancer, to remember that you can't pour from an empty cup.

If you want to maintain productivity levels at work or home while limiting stress or burnout, you must focus on taking a little time for yourself. Self-care can mean taking a trendy yoga class or indulging in a day at the spa, but it can be simpler than that. Carving out time in your day to workout, read a book, or enjoy a quiet cup of coffee on your porch can be enough to create a healthy, well-balanced, and even productive life. "... Doing this kind of work thoughtfully, in a very planned way, it is absolutely a vital part of us on an individual level being more effective in the world around us," psychologist Matthew Sacco tells Cleveland Clinic. "... It's the oxygen mask on the airplane analogy. They tell you that when you get on, you've got to put it on yourself first, before you help others." 

Leo: Celebrate your victories

Like its planetary ruler, the Sun, Leo is an astrological sign full of warmth and light that they happily bestow onto the people around them. Sure, they have a flair for the dramatic, but they are also clever, creative, and confident people who typically excel in their work or chosen field with style. They seem to rise effortlessly into leadership roles thanks to their penchant for the spotlight and authoritative, self-motivating natures, which means they don't often struggle to get things done. Their warm hearts and good vibes bring light to their coworkers' lives, encouraging them to hit new levels of productivity simply by creating a positive work environment where others can thrive.

As a Leo, you also have a positive attitude and draw from a seemingly bottomless well of enthusiasm in your daily work. But even the most energized of Energizer Bunnies run out of juice eventually. A healthy work-life balance is important to keep the fun, youthful parts of your personality alive, as is celebrating your victories when they occur. Big or small, if you accomplish a goal, you can keep yourself motivated and productive by honoring your hard work and celebrating the win. Don't be afraid to toot your own horn a little, either. Feeling appreciated will boost your self-esteem, and hearing you've done a good job will encourage you to keep working towards your next goal. 

Virgo: Lower the pressure you put on yourself

No astrological sign is as industrious, detail-oriented, or focused on accomplishing their goals quite like a Virgo. Like their Leo counterparts, Virgos are excellent workers and dedicated employees who don't struggle with focus or staying on task. "They're good at excelling quickly within whatever line of work they choose because they tend to be efficient, on time, and so demanding of themselves that they turn in excellent work," astrologer Renée Watt tells USA Today. So how can you increase your productivity if you're already a dedicated and reliable worker? 

You certainly don't need to work more or up the pressure you naturally put on yourself to succeed. Virgo already tends to be judgemental and overly critical at times, so this pressure may only make that worse. You have a tendency to fear failing and are extremely conscious of the consequences of doing so. But you don't need to. Learning to take breaks, exercise regularly, keep your workload manageable, and ask for help when you need it can lessen the pressure you're putting on yourself, making you more relaxed and energized. Seeking balance in every aspect of your life  — work included — is key to long-term success. 

Libra: Make decisions

Libras are sensitive and fair-minded individuals who have the unique ability to be able to see any issue from any perspective. They are diplomatic, empathetic, and mindful of others. They also make excellent partners and coworkers because of how adaptable and considerate they are. As peacekeepers, Libras work hard to ensure that everyone's thoughts and feelings are acknowledged. They strive for equality and inclusivity everywhere they go.

This tendency to maintain perfect balance can create a vacuum in your work life, forcing you to engage in self-sacrificing behaviors to appease the needs of others. You may find yourself avoiding confrontation or keeping quiet in meetings to avoid ruffling feathers, even if you know your solutions will produce better results. But if you want to increase your productivity, whether to earn that promotion at work you've been eyeing for months or simply to keep yourself from stretching so thin, you have to try and assert yourself. "Please make a decision — any decision," Siobhan Johnson tells Reader's Digest. "The best way Libras can move forward at work is to stop trying to please everyone." 

Scorpio: Start the day with a workout

Scorpios are known for being intuitive, courageous, creative, and responsible — traits that help them succeed in whatever they put their mind to. They aren't afraid of hard work and don't usually have problems concentrating on the task at hand. Scorpios tend to shy away from the limelight, preferring to work their magic behind the scenes, but this tends to make the work they produce even more meaningful and substantive. Scorpios aren't immune to distraction or frustration, however, especially when they can't work alone or feel their hard work isn't being recognized. They are also passionate and intense individuals who can be thrown off the productive track if they don't have proper outlets.

Astrologer Shannon Aganza tells BestLife, "The intensity of Scorpio is found not only through the depth of their interactions but also within the probing of what needs to happen." This might mean they end up strategizing how to earn a promotion over a coworker instead of actually working on a project they've been assigned, letting their competitiveness and quest for knowledge force them off track. Implementing a solo morning workout as part of a daily routine is an excellent way for Scorpios to decompress, focus on their true goals, and prepare for a productive day. As a fixed sign, Scorpios value their routines and the stability that comes along with them. They will appreciate the consistency of working out in the morning and how it makes their minds and bodies feel.

Sagittarius: Start your day with a mindfulness activity

The calm, carefree nature of a Sagittarius is sometimes confused with a lack of drive or ambition. Sagittarius are known for their good humor and love of spontaneity; they aren't thought of as particularly dedicated to their work. However, while you might not find a Sagittarius grinding away at the office until 2 a.m. to finish a project, this sign possesses a strong work ethic and the ability to inspire coworkers and team members with their positivity and open-mindedness.  

Impatience and a need for instant gratification are what typically derail Sagittarius's productivity goals. They value their freedom, adventure, and choices and can become easily frazzled if their work begins to impede their ability to live their lives the way they want to. This may result in severe procrastination or a lack of follow-through if left unchecked. Building a meditative practice into their morning routine can do wonders for Sagittarius's focus, which can naturally improve their productivity. Implementing visualization meditations, using mindfulness apps, or simply practicing mindfulness while on a walk may be helpful for keeping an impatient Sagittarius mind feeling settled and anxiety-free. 

Capricorn: Quit multitasking

Capricorn is one of the zodiac signs ruled by ambition. Known for their incredible focus, penchant for rule-following, and responsible natures, Capricorns make excellent employees, coworkers, and project managers. They reach for the stars and don't often drop the ball on their path toward success, maintaining a consistent and admirable level of practicality, organization, and pure hustle. In their quest for personal success, Capricorns often take on more than they should. They have extremely high expectations for themselves and their productivity, which means they often resort to multitasking.

"That Cardinal energy is going to make them want to just keep going," astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides explains to Well + Good. "It's like, 'Okay, what's next? What can I do next? What other things can I achieve?' It's not just achievement, it becomes overachievement." Over time, the need to do more and achieve more can lead to distraction and errors, in addition to negative health effects like stress, anxiety, and high blood pressure (via Neurobiology of Stress). To avoid this and maintain a good balance of productivity and achievement, Capricorns can break up their days with self-care activities like walks, an at-home yoga class, or engaging in a creative hobby, all of which may help keep the brain focused on big, important tasks. 

Aquarius: Keep realistic expectations

Aquarians are brilliant idealists and big-picture thinkers, both at work and in their everyday lives. They are unpredictable, creative, and motivated to make the world a better place. In fact, changing the world is pretty much their main goal in life. "They are known to be progressive thinkers who can see patterns in things others might not notice," astrologer and energy healer Kesaine Walker tells USA Today. They want to do things differently and have plenty of ideas about how to make that happen.

Aquarians are so idealistic that they can sometimes struggle to keep their expectations realistic. They are innovative and inventive and don't understand why the rest of the world doesn't always share in their call for change or celebrate their forward-thinking views. They are easily frustrated when people don't meet their high expectations, which can actually halt their productivity and put an end to their passion projects before they even get started. Remembering to be patient and maintain a good balance between work and play is key to keeping an Aquarius on a sustainable path. Don't change: Be idealistic in your rose-colored glasses, Aquarius (it's why we love you). Just remember to anticipate life's curveballs and make a game plan in case your plans go awry.

Pisces: Don't put too much on your plate

Pisces are the definition of sweet, emotional people-pleasers. They have no problem trading in their needs, wants, or happiness for the needs of others and have a tendency to let people walk all over them. They don't want anyone else to feel burdened by stress or burnout and can often take on tasks they don't have the time or energy for to help others succeed. While this empathetic and unfailing support makes them an ideal friend, business partner, or coworker, the need to say "yes" to every request that comes their way can damper their productivity. 

As a Pisces, the solution to becoming more productive is all about saying no and learning to be protective of your time and space. "Pisces is a sign of sacrifice and they're incredibly empathic, so it's very easy for others to take advantage of them and their time," astrologer Joshua MacGuire explains to Bustle. "With better boundaries and more practice saying 'no' to others, Pisces can check more items off their to-do lists and stop putting others' agendas before their own." Not only will these boundaries make it easier to maintain productivity, but they will also make time to feed your creativity with relaxing hobbies or artistic endeavors that support your mental health long-term.