Trending 'Plum Hair' Is The Perfect Shade To Take You Into Fall

Do you ever start daydreaming about exploring daring purple or neon red hair shades but don't want to do something that drastic? Or, maybe you just don't want to choose between full-on purple or red. Either way, plum-inspired hair colors are excellent options for people who enjoy dark, purple, and red tresses. Like the chocolate cherry red shade, the plum hair color takes inspiration from fruit and presents a dark red vibe — but with a prominent purple touch. Just think of a real-life plum. The delicious fruit is dark with a reddish-purple exterior. So, the fall 2023 plum hair trend is all about rocking dark hair with a reddish-purple hue.

For summer 2023, many people showed off their takes on plum hair on TikTok. For example, TikTok user @040.emelieee posted a video flaunting her new ultra-dark red and purple-tinted hair, while TikTok user @_dani.mcnamara shared a video showing her transition from dark blond tresses to a redder twist on the plum style. Moreover, Pink Daisy Hair Studio posted a video showing a client with a significantly more purple take. Therefore, people who want dark hair and enjoy red and purple will love the plum hair trend.

Try plum bun looks

Plum hair looks gorgeous in many hairstyles, but some standout looks are the classic bun or adorable space buns. This look calls to mind plum fruits. When you flaunt the plum hair color trend and put it up in a sleek, round bun or two space buns, it'll look like there's an actual plum — or two tiny plums — on your head. We can't think of anything more adorable and on theme with the plum vibe.

Even messy tresses will look glamorous in plum

On the other hand, we all have days when we don't feel like styling our hair. Since the plum hair color is so trendy in 2023 and presents such a bold, intriguing look, people will typically pay more attention to the hair color than whether or not you brushed your hair that morning. So, on those bedhead days, you'll likely still be complimented on your hair color, with no one noticing any flyaways or tangles. This stylish hue will overpower those messy details and even make them appear chic.

Rock a colder spin with more purple and hints of blue

You should still give the plum hair trend a chance if you enjoy dark and purple looks but aren't into red hair and would prefer cooler tones. Focus on the purple aspect of the plum look, and think about how some plums' exteriors tend to exude a hint of ultra-dark blue. Go super purple and consider adding in those subtle blue-black touches.

Or go redder and warmer for trendy fall energy

While there's nothing wrong with opting for a cooler look, going warmer with more red is arguably the better choice for fall. If you enjoy red hair and want to explore the plum look, ask your hairstylist for more red than purple for a warm and cozy spin on the plum trend.

Try matching your makeup to your hair

What's an even trendier fall 2023 look than just plum hair? Plum hair and makeup! If you want to rock a look dedicated to the plum theme, consider wearing eyeshadow colors that match your plum hair or opting for dark red or purple eyeshadow or mascara — maybe even brown eyeshadow with a subtle red or purple tint. Or, wear a plum lipstick shade for a bolder plum-inspired look!