Go Green With These 5 Stunning French Mani Ideas

If you're like us and spend your days scrolling through Pinterest looking through cute nail inspo — there's a new trendy nail color that you'll want to have on your radar. Green is a versatile, ethereal hue that looks good worn in any season. Pair it with a French manicure and you'll instantly freshen up your nails with a trendy style that everyone is asking for. The French mani is a classic and timeless nail style that features countless variations you can try if you love a mani with a twist. Whether you're going for the triple-French manicure or outside-the-box French nail ideas, you can jazz up your aesthetic with a stunning hint of green.

"Green manicures are one of my most requested looks right now, and I'm using a lot of BioSculpture's Free Lovin', which is a deep green shade," manicurist Faye Dennis tells Vogue UK. Whether you're going for a simple design or want a nail style that's unique and makes a statement, there are plenty of green French manis to choose from. These are a few stunning green French mani ideas that will give you stylish nails that are on trend.

Angled French mani

Shake things up with this angled mani that features three stunning shades of green. If a single French tip is too bland for you, you'll love this chic and unique take of the classic French aesthetic. You can also try this nail style in straight angled lines, or lines that are more swirled for a funky look. To achieve this manicure, ask your salon for a neutral or pink base and an angled tip with three shades of green.

Twinkling mani

Add a bit of sparkle to your nails with this cute and twinkling nail style. It's a go-to look if you want a festive nail, if you're going out to an event, or if you just want a fancier nail style that has its own unique flair. For this nail set, we recommend asking your salon for square-shaped nails and a darker green polish for the tip. For the stars, use a gold shimmery nail polish and add two to three small stars to each nail.

Double French mani

Want to rock a green French tip with a simple but chic twist? Adding a line underneath your green French tip will create the illusion of a double manicure while still keeping the look minimalistic. To recreate this manicure, ask your nail technician for a forest green French tip with a silver glittery line just underneath it. For an even simpler aesthetic, swap the sparkles for a white or another neutral shade to keep the focus on the green tip.

Sparkling pistachio

If you're on the hunt for nails that make a statement, look no further. These sparkling pistachio nails are simple, elegant, and bold while still keeping things minimalist. The striking and reflective mani is stunning and perfect for everyday wear or for a special event. Ask your nail technician for a thin French tip in a bright pistachio color and reflective sparkles. In the light, these gorgeous nails will shine and reflect, which will definitely make your nails stand apart from others.

Ethereal night

If you're having trouble deciding on a shade of green, why not go for them all? Mix things up with different variations of the hue for this multi-colored look. Each nail can be in a different shade of ethereal green and you don't have to go in any particular order to achieve this aesthetic. To spice up your nails, ask your nail technician to add a few small stars in sparkly gold or silver nail polish for a twinkling pop.