How Respect Can Improve Communication In Your Relationship

When you get into an argument with a loved one, it can feel like you go from best friends to opponents facing off against each other at the Thunderdome. Maybe you're arguing about something simple like whose turn it is to wash the dishes. But if it's a more serious argument, such as someone being accused of cheating, respect often goes out the window. Things can quickly escalate into a much more heated conversation. If either one of you has trouble communicating, the argument could become a shouting match with name-calling and whoever yells the loudest wins, or the argument might end with both of you shutting down for the rest of the night and going to bed angry.


Neither of these outcomes is ideal, and they're sometimes signs your relationship is heading toward its end. Disrespecting each other like this is not healthy for you, either. In particular, yelling at someone can lead to psychological effects on the person being yelled at, including stress and anxiety (via Verywell Health). Communication is key to any happy, loving relationship, but respect lays the groundwork for better communication. Showing mutual respect for your partner has some amazing benefits that will have you seeing a difference in your communication in no time.

Respecting your partner makes them feel seen

Many people want different things out of a relationship. Some people seek companionship, security, or maybe a family. We can almost guarantee that no one's actively seeking out a relationship where they'll be viewed as faceless arm candy or a plank of wood who lets their other half do all the talking. You're not in a relationship to be validated by the other person; you're with them because you desire a meaningful experience with someone you've grown to care about. And this experience can only happen if and when you feel respected by the other person.


Per healthy relationship project Love is Respect, having respect for your partner means you listen to their feelings and are open with them about how you feel. When you do that, it makes your partner feel seen by you and better able to communicate their own feelings because they know you truly care.

It allows both of you to be vulnerable

Your partner is the one you run to when the world becomes too much to handle. If you had a bad day at the job or even had a death in the family and need comfort, your partner is often the first person you turn to. But if all you get is a cold shoulder or them telling you to suck it up, the desire to open up and be honest about your feelings is going to be nonexistent.


That's why it's so incredibly important to respect your partner's feelings in all situations, no matter how you're feeling. Even if you don't feel as impacted by an event as they do, it doesn't mean their emotions are somehow wrong. By putting yourself in their shoes and empathizing with their pain, you are allowing your partner to be vulnerable with you and being that open vein of communication for them.

It's like the Golden Rule says: do unto others what you would like them to do unto you. When you do this, you'll improve your relationship with your partner and unlock a whole new world of open communication.