Get The Most Out Of Your Toner By Applying It With A Cotton Pad Or Cloth

Toner is one of those highly debated skincare products whose efficacy within a skincare routine is constantly put into question. Are the watery, often astringent skincare products even needed when serums exist? Don't they just soak into your skin so quickly that they don't have time to do any good? Are the claims of pH level balancing and miraculous soothing properties true, or are we paying for scented and nicely packaged water? 

The answer to all of our questions might come down to how you choose to apply your toner. Because there is a right way to use toner, and it's with cotton pads or cloths, shares Renée Rouleau. That's right. Just using your god-given tools (hands) or spritzing toner directly to your face won't cut it. And definitely not abstaining from toners altogether. It's cotton pads all the way, baby, especially if you want to get the most out of your toner. And who doesn't? We promise your skepticism will turn into undying love for every hydrating, soothing, or exfoliating toner you ever doubted.

Why cotton pads are superior

First, we need to talk about methods of application. The multiple methods that all cause your toner to vary in performance and efficiency.

We've all noticed the inconsistency of toner packaging. The ways in which they intend for you to spray, squeeze, drip, or outright pour the product from the bottle. This variety in packaging is often intentional and meant to influence not only how you pour it out but also which tools (or lack thereof) you use for application. For instance, when your toner comes in a spray bottle, you might take the straightforward approach of spritzing it directly onto your face. On the other hand, if your toner comes in a bottle, you might pour a small amount directly onto the palm of your hand before rubbing it on your face.

While these methods are perfectly fine, they're certainly not the best in terms of making the most of your toner and its benefits. Cotton pads (or cloths), on the other hand, ensure a good toner experience by providing every inch of your face with liquid goodness and wiping away impurities and tap water residue, as per the experts at Derm Collective

What are the benefits?

What exactly makes cotton pads so superior when it comes to toner application? You may think you're getting more bang for your buck by applying toner straight to your face, in addition to getting more of the benefits. After all, more product means more good ingredients fighting the bad stuff, right? This isn't always true, actually. In fact, if your skin is sensitive or acne-prone, you might be doing more damage than good. Here's why.

Cotton pads and cloths, whether reusable or disposable, soak up the necessary amount of toner and spread it evenly across the first layer of skin, meaning that when it's absorbed, it won't overwhelm any part of your face with an excess of product. Put simply, your skin will get all the benefits in equal measure, with no space for irritation. If you're sensitive or acne-prone, you've experienced the downside of overdoing certain products.

But if your skin isn't sensitive, you might still want to consider benefiting from cotton pads when applying toner. Most of us consider our skin to be squeaky clean after our nightly cleanse, but this isn't the case. Not only is it common to have unwanted soap residue on our skin post-wash, but tap water leaves behind lots of unwanted minerals that can dry and irritate perfectly healthy skin (via Renée Rouleau). Swiping a cotton pad soaked in a toner full of good ingredients not only nourishes the skin but also swipes all those impurities away.

How to get the most out of your toner with pads

All the benefits considered, cotton pads are definitely one of the best tools to use for toner application. But can they help you get even more out of your toner experience? Surprisingly, yes. Because cotton pads are the gift that keeps on giving.

By now, most of us have heard of Korean skincare and its many benefits. Some of the products Korean skincare has popularized, and for which we're eternally grateful, are toner pads. Those dripping wet, beautifully luxurious pre-soaked cotton pads deliver a quick and easy toning step for any time of day. They do it all, from hydrating and calming to exfoliating and brightening, making them ideal for several skin types and concerns, according to Dry Skin Advice. Dreamy, isn't it? And that's not all, because this miracle product functions as two products in one. Yes, toner pads can double as face masks when you place them flat on your skin (wherever it needs it most) and leave them for prolonged periods of time.

And the fun thing is, you can DIY this yourself with any toner you have at home and thin cotton pads or cloths. Simply soak your thin, organic cotton pads in your favorite toner and apply them to your problem areas for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Your skin will thank you.