The Best Boot Styles To Pair With Straight-Leg Jeans

Skinny jeans have taken a back seat to the trending baggy mom jeans of late. But if you're not a fan of either, there is a middle ground in the denim world. Straight-leg jeans are classic and never go out of style. The fit is perfect for those who want a streamlined look without a super tight grip on their thighs and calves. Straight-leg jeans pretty much look good on every body type and there are a variety of options to choose from. Some have slim legs that border on being skinny jeans but their hems don't taper in. Others have a wider leg for those who prefer a more boyfriend cut. Then there are cropped versions for petite folks or for showing off your footwear.

With so many varieties available, you may be stumped as to which shoes to wear with your straight-leg jeans. During the warmer months, a strappy sandal looks great for dressing up, or a simple white sneaker for a casual feel. However, in the colder seasons, you'll want a pair of boots to keep your tootsies warm. So, which boot styles go well with straight-leg jeans?

You can never go wrong with classic black boots

A pair of black ankle boots is a must-have in your closet. They pair perfectly with straight-leg jeans. Opt for boots with a pointed toe to dress up your outfit. A block heel will also provide stability, especially on the snowy ground. Choose boots with fitted ankles so that they can go under the hems of your jeans seamlessly.

Combat boots give straight-leg jeans an edge

Combat boots are a versatile style that goes with almost any outfit. To rock this look, pair them with straight-leg jeans that are cropped above the ankle or roll up your hems. In addition, a platform sole provides you with a bit of height without sacrificing the arches of your feet.

Rubber-soled boots are great for winter

Who says you can't be stylish during colder months? Even when bundled up, you can still be trendy with straight-leg jeans and weatherproof shoes. These functional and fashionable brown boots feature rubber soles. To prevent a weird silhouette, choose jeans with a wider hem circumference that will fall effortlessly over your boots.

Sleek ankle boots jazz up your jeans for a night out

Straight-leg jeans can be a bit on the casual side, but you can totally dress them up for an evening look. Opt for a pair of snug pointy-toe ankle boots to add elegance. Sock boots can fit comfortably under your jeans. We love this snakeskin pattern worn with frayed-hem jeans and a shiny green blazer.

Square-toed boots are fashionable and comfy

Don't like squeezing your toes into a pair of narrow boots? Square-toe boots will give you plenty of wiggle room while also being stylish. When selecting boots to wear with your straight-leg jeans, choose a shaft height that doesn't extend past your calves. Adding a bright color, like this tomato red, can inject some excitement into dreary winter months.