How To Rock A '90s-Inspired Wedge Haircut

Typically cut shorter in the back, with longer face-framing layers in the front, the wedge haircut differentiates itself from other short cuts, like bobs and pixies. The angled "stacked" look adds tons of volume, making it ideal for all hair types and textures, including fine.

But first, a brief intro to this iconic style. Although it's been around since bobs were a thing, the 1970s was when the wedge haircut really gained traction. That was all due to American figure skater Dorothy Hamill, who took the style to the Olympic podium and popularized it.

A few decades later, in the '90s, sleek versions of the style became de rigueur on red carpets, thanks to style-savvy stars like Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow. Today the angled bob is making the rounds again due to its universal appeal. To explain why that is, hairstylist Justin Toves-Vincilione gets technical, telling Byrdie: "The focal point of the haircut is in the back, so the front can be modified to suit all face shapes." That said, there's more than one way to wear a wedge. The following wedge haircuts should give you plenty of ideas and inspiration to take to your hairdresser when you're ready for something new.


It's no secret that Halle Berry can make any hairstyle — short or long — look good. But it just doesn't get any more chic than this precision-cut wedge with micro-bangs. The sleek, minimalist style with its face-framing layers was the perfect contrast to the frothy pink Dolce & Gabbana gown she wore to the Academy Awards in 2021.

Metallic blue hue

This isn't your grandmother's wedge haircut. However, the metallic blue shade isn't the only element giving this wedge cut a fresh and funky feel. The shaved nape adds interest and edginess, while longer jaw-skimming layers in the front soften the look, add contrast, and draw attention to the face.

Edgy with waves

Triangle bangs are a surefire way to add edge to your cut. But this freshly styled Instagrammer doubled down by adding bright neon highlights to a gently angled bob — plus, she embraced those natural curls. This look may be one-of-a-kind, but even copping a few style elements would deliver a unique look.

Soft and rounded

On this beautiful style worn by actor Jennifer Lawrence, the rounded shape and flicked-out ends lend a softer finish. The shape is perfectly imperfect, with tousled texture and honeyed highlights that flatter the star and make the look very achievable — even for those of us who aren't red carpet regulars.


This short "pageboy" bob is giving Dorothy Hamill vibes. Hamill wasn't the first person to rock the wedge cut, but the gold medal-worthy style was popularized by the figure skater when she debuted it at the 1976 Olympics (and took home the gold). These days, her short rounded wedge cut is still offering haircut inspiration to all who want to channel a classic, retro look.

Red carpet ready

Leave it to model Karlie Kloss to bring big glam energy to a classic cut. Her gorgeous, softly angled long bob, or "lob," is paparazzi-ready thanks to the longer chin-skimming length, deep side part, and incredible platinum hue. A little natural texture and flicked-out ends keep this cut looking current.

Short and sweet

Don't forget: Wedge haircuts can be cropped close, too. Like this short and sweet version that not only has plenty of volume but also rocks a subtle pink hue. Cut close to the crown of the head, this more classic version of a wedge cut has a vintage feel, although the pink color keeps it looking up to date and modern.

The original

Even before Dorothy Hamill made wedge haircuts popular, Mary Quant's legendary geometric blunt-shaped bob was turning heads. Vidal Sassoon himself was responsible for the cut, which ushered in a new age of lower-maintenance styles. Before that, the labor-intensive bouffant was all the rage, so this precise cropped style was an emancipation of sorts — you know, from the tyranny of rollers and backcombing. But beware: this incredible look requires regular appointments with your hairdresser to keep it looking tip-top.

Texture clash

If, like Bob Dylan, you contain multitudes, this style may be for you. One side is shaved and the other softly curled, giving this cutting-edge look plenty of interest. Not to mention the blond highlights, which make the whole style pop. A little bit pixie, a little bit wedge — this haircut has a little bit of everything, for a look that's everything.

Sleek and symmetrical

A lot of '90s style notes are happening here: sleek, polished, minimalist. Even the middle part, which is definitely current, feels very Monica Geller. The result is chic and effortless — even though a straightening iron was almost certainly involved. The gently angled cut follows the cheekbone for a very complimentary effect.

Fun in fuchsia

This cut may appeal to those who like the idea of a close-cropped pixie but still want to keep a little length. Here, the length and layers are concentrated on the crown of the head, so there's lots of face-framing potential. Of course, the rosy hue and close crop in the back add an edgy, playful vibe.

Voluminous curls

This savvy style plays to the wedge cut's strength: building volume. The stacked layers in the back amp up the volume, as do the natural curls. The resulting style is sky-high and buoyed by natural texture. The best part is that the cut does all the heavy lifting, so styling should be easy-breezy.


It should be noted that the objective isn't always more volume. Take this sweet parted bob for example. The extra length in the front skims the cheekbones for a gorgeous look and keeps the style minimalist and understated. However, the steeply angled shape and bold blond shade mean this look can never be called mundane.

Sleek and fringed

Model Naomi Campbell's sleek fringed bob could not be more '90s. This retro look is the perfect cheekbone-sweeping length and sports just a gentle angle from the back. She ups the glam with long fringe and shiny precision-cut tresses. The rounded styling adds softness to this look, which contrasts with the strong, almost ruler-straight lines. Gorgeous and glam, from top to bottom — and we expect nothing less from this famed supermodel.

Minimal wave

For I-woke-up-like-this hair, look no further. And while we're sure she didn't actually just roll out of bed, the slightly messy, undone quality of this cut looks effortlessly carefree and naturally gorgeous. Plus, this low-maintenance style gets a dose of edginess and contrast thanks to the shaved undercut. 

Posh precision cut

Victoria Beckham is a master of the wedge haircut. After all, she's been rocking the look since the early aughts, and has worn it in nearly every length, color, and texture imaginable. When it debuted, it even had its own name: the Pob (for Posh Bob). All that to say, if you need wedge cut inspiration, look no further than Beckham's iconic interpretation of the cut. In this version, she keeps it sleek with plenty of length in the front to frame her face. Pretty posh, we'd say.

Short and sculpted

Super short meets super cool in this wedge cut that features lines so straight, they look like they were made using a ruler. The length framing the face gives it a bob effect, but the short stacked back brings this cut firmly into wedge territory. We love how clean the lines are and how the cut shows off her features, like her long neck and high cheekbones. 

Rocker chic

If you've got a little bit of a rocker in you, here's the wedge cut to covet. This playful angled bob has lots of volume and texture, and added interest thanks to the deep side part and face-framing layers. The tousled style is less precise, giving it easy wearability, texture, and tons of movement. If you like to run your fingers through your hair, or just shake things up, then this might be your look.

Pretty polished

Ciara brought her A-game with this sleek, stacked (at least in the back) haircut. The middle part keeps it effortlessly modern, while the rounded edges add a timeless element. It's the perfect minimalist accessory to her bold, show-stopping style and makeup, and we're sure it looks just as good off the red carpet as on it.

Sideswept bangs

This self-described "Karen haircut" strikes us as less Karen, more cute — but that's just our take. It's asymmetrical, which results in side-swept bangs that add softness, while the closely cropped undercut adds edge. Sure, she might need to talk to the manager later. But right now, she is looking way too cute to Karen.

Subtle wave

Here's math we can do: Wavy texture, a little French flair, and polished highlights add up to a perfectly executed wedge. It all comes together for an effortless, easy-to-wear look that is as classic as it is chic. To cop the look, ask for a gentle graduation from the back and lots of length in the front to play around with.

Eye-catching undercut

Leave it to Taraji P. Henson to experiment with a classic cut and give us #hairgoals while she's at it. Her closely manicured undercut adds spice to her red carpet look, and is complemented by the deep side part and natural texture. Sweet, spice, and everything nice — that's what this super-beautiful haircut is made of.

Cute blue crop

Real talk: It's impossible to have the blues when you're sporting such an intensely hued crop. The bright sapphire shade adds dimension and amps up this eye-catching curly wedge, which features choppy layers that are both curled and flicked out at the ends, bringing softness to the look. 

Choppy layers

Here, Spanish media personality Sara Escudero rocks a super-short wedge that veers into pixie territory. However, the longer layers on top, swept into asymmetrical bangs, bring that wedge look we love. The choppy, undone styling offsets sun-kissed highlights, which give dimension and lift to her signature cropped style.

Rounded and dramatic

Have a flair for the dramatic? If we're being honest, so do we. Micro-bangs, a deep shade, and rounded edges all give this stylish wedge haircut a striking, almost theatrical, feel. (And let's be honest, those brows aren't resting on their laurels, either.) It's a lot of elements in one short cut, but there's no denying that it's bold and beautiful.

Trendy tousle

Perfectly tousled and stacked high in the back, this cut is a contemporary rendition of a very classic wedge. Layers and the jaw-skimming style perfectly frame the face, while a bit of natural texture and movement make this very wearable. Sharp angles, lots of dimension, and added body — there's a lot to love about this cut.

Cute and curly

We already know that the wedge cut flatters fine hair, but this style goes to show that it also gives thick curly hair an instant lift, too. This stacked-in-the-back style really pumps up the volume, resulting in springy, sky-high curls — basically the holy grail of curly hair. And in the front, plenty of face-framing curls.

Rise and shine

Leave it to former first lady Michelle Obama to get the wedge haircut right. Her classic rendition of the style is stacked high in the back but balanced by cheekbone-skimming layers in the front. Although the texture is sleek and smooth, some curly texture adds interest. All this to say: This polished style has our vote.

Bombshell ringlets

The wedge haircut can be the perfect canvas for showcasing natural curls — like these ringlets that just scream bombshell. Shorter cuts like the wedge remove weight and bulk from the hair, allowing curls to spring to attention. Here, the longer layers in the front and a deep side part frame the face in very complementary fashion.

Slicked back

Slicked-back hair is très chic and brings plenty of oomph to this wedge cut. It's a great reminder of how versatile this style is, as all the length in the front works to create a perfectly coiffed look. While many slicked-back styles have a wet-from-the-shower look (which is also chic), this one rocks sky-high volume oh-so-well.

Pretty in purple

On South Korean recording artist Minzy, the perfect purple hue meets a sleek, rounded micro-bob. Not to mention the choppy side bangs, which pull the look together perfectly. The singer-songwriter is no stranger to experimentation, but the fun color and cute cropped style in this wedge haircut is putting the "pop" in K-pop for us.

Blown out

If this sleek, stacked style appeals, keep your hairdryers at the ready. The body and volume suggest that a blow-dryer helped achieve this style. It may be a little higher maintenance than what some wedge cuts require, but we think it's worth the effort. The gently angled, layered look gives this wedge cut a classic feel that's always in style.

Layers on layers

This blond bob looks ready for a runway. Smooth and sleek, this style features layers on layers on layers (which we love), which add a ton of volume. The resulting wedge style is high on body and extra eye-catching thanks to subtle highlights throughout. It's vogue time.

Natural curls

If a little nostalgia is what you're after, look no further. This throwback look has the '90s written all over it. Natural curls get plenty of lift in this lob, which is angled to really pump up the volume. And although it is definitely giving Carrie Bradshaw vibes circa 1999, we are more than ready to wear this look now.

Stacked back

That incline! The steep graduation in this style is exactly what wedge-cut dreams are made of. The angled back adds plenty of volume, while in the front, micro-bangs keep this look chic and current. This cut is also what low-maintenance dreams are made of — the natural texture and curls perfectly complement this shape.

Face-framing wedge

In this extreme version of the wedge, a deep angle from back to front adds drama. It's fun, funky, and very stylish, thanks to all the face-framing layers. Choppy, chunky ends give this look a casual feel, although we're sure a straightening iron would give a sleek, glam finish if you wanted to switch things up.

Flawless French

We're pretty sure that it's impossible for Marion Cotillard not to ooze elegance. But we can all agree that this precise angled bob with side-swept bangs has that something extra. The French actor wore this sleek style on the red carpet, and the shoulder-skimming length perfectly accompanied her sparkling jewelry. Angled, sleek, and side-swept: this style really does have it all.