All The Foreseeable Mercury Retrograde Dates To Know To Prepare For Cosmic Shifts

You've heard all the typical warnings about Mercury retrograde: Don't sign any contracts, and do not — under any circumstances — text your ex. What you might not know is why it is that this phenomenon tends to disrupt financial agreements and prompt people to revisit their past relationships. When Mercury goes retrograde, which simply means that the planet appears (from Earth) to orbit backward, astrologers believe everything ruled by that planet goes a little wonky. It just so happens that Mercury rules communication, commerce, and technology, so those are the primary themes affected, though you may see them affected a little differently depending on which zodiac sign Mercury is traveling through.


It makes sense, then, that Mercury retrograde seems to always coincide with your computer crashing or your car breaking down — but why the sudden urge to revisit relationships that ended for good reason? All retrogrades have the potential to bring up the past, thanks to their perceived backward motion bringing what was once behind us back to the forefront. There's no escaping the effects of Mercury retrograde. As astrologer Susan Miller told the Wall Street Journal, "Its effects are so obvious." However, you can be prepared for them. We've got your back with this brief guide to the remaining Mercury retrograde periods of 2023.

August 23, 2023 – September 15, 2023

On August 23, Mercury will go retrograde in Virgo. While every Mercury retrograde can be expected to wreak a little havoc on those areas of life that Mercury rules, when the planet goes retrograde in Virgo, the areas influenced by that zodiac sign must be considered as well. Virgo — ruled by Mercury itself — is all about the daily grind, including your work and personal routines on a day-to-day level. What does it mean for us when Mercury spends August 23 through September 15 retrograde in Virgo? Death by a million papercuts (figuratively, of course).


When Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo, expect to feel its effects on a small daily routine level. You might notice that the quick communications you typically take for granted — like shooting a quick grocery list of dinner ingredients to your partner on your lunch break — tend to go awry. When you look at your phone again at the end of the work day and realize that the message failed to send, and now it's too late to start the recipe you wanted to make, thank Mercury retrograde in Virgo. 

But you can make the most of it. "The common delays and miscommunications encourage us to put a pause on things and engage in that process of reevaluating our decisions and rethinking our lives," astrologer Rachel Lang tells Well + Good. So don't be afraid to look inward and see what areas you can improve, especially in terms of planning and preparation. "The further in and back we go with our deep soul exploration, the further we can shoot and the faster we can move when we're on the other side [of the retrograde]," Lang says. 


December 13, 2023 – January 1, 2024

Mercury will be in retrograde for the last time in 2023 on December 13 through January 1. This should make the holiday season interesting, especially for those who like to do their last-minute shopping online! This time, the planet will retrograde in two zodiac signs: First in Capricorn and then in Sagittarius. During the first half of this retrograde, be on the lookout for effects in the areas of life touched by Capricorn, ruled by stern Saturn. Experts advise that your career, public image, and professional goals will be most vulnerable. You can expect mix-ups at work and misunderstandings that have the potential to affect your reputation.


The second half of this Mercury retrograde will take place in fiery Sagittarius, ruled by carefree Jupiter. Sagittarius influences enthusiasm, learning, and philosophy, and its natives are known for being blunt in their delivery of information. When Mercury retrogrades in this sign, be prepared for your normal social filters to malfunction, leaving you wide open to embarrassing yourself or offending others — like your best friend or partner — with your words. Just remember: Every aspect of life affected by Mercury retrograde is also ripe for review. Don't be afraid to assess how you've approached these issues in the past during these times and come up with a plan to achieve better outcomes in the future. 


2024 Mercury retrograde dates

The first Mercury retrograde of 2024 will take place in the fire sign Aries, beginning on April 1 and lasting through April 25. While those with Aries in their star charts are determined and courageous, it's typically best not to make any big moves during this time, like starting a new job or closing a deal on a house. After all, this period may come with a lot of uncertainty and miscommunication. "The environment will be quite fluid and changeable, no matter what you are told or what you think," says astrologist Susan Miller via Astrology Zone


Towards the end of summer, Mercury will retrograde in both Virgo and Leo from August 4 to August 28. It may be a good time to examine how you take care of yourself and stay organized. "Virgo is very much about the interplay between mind and body, so there's also this notion of reconsidering your approach to well-being," astrologer Stephanie Gailing told Well+Good.

The final Mercury retrograde for 2024 will take place from November 25 through December 15, taking place in Sagittarius. Fortunately, this period of retrograde is just missing the holiday season. 

2025 Mercury retrograde dates

Looking ahead to 2025, Mercury will retrograde a total of three times. The first will begin in Aries and end in Pisces from March 14 to April 7. As it enters Pisces, your thinking may feel foggy, and you may just feel off overall. That said, your creative pursuits may help center yourself and recharge during this tricky time. 


Later on in the year, Mercury will retrograde from July 17 to August 11 during the fire sign of Leo. While Leos often enjoy the spotlight, Mercury may have other plans for things to go wrong. In other words, prepare to be embarrassed by mishaps at work or school, but remember, it's only temporary.

The last retrograde of 2025 will be between November 9 and November 29, starting in Sagittarius but calming down in Scorpio. Though Scorpio will crave a sense of control during this uncertain time, you ride the wave, knowing it will end eventually.