Upcoming Zoom Interview? Here's How You Should Dress

Not only should you treat Zoom interviews with the same punctuality and professionalism that you would an in-person interview, but you should also pay attention to what you wear. Don't assume that an old T-shirt is ever okay for a Zoom interview — it isn't. "Dress appropriately; consider what you would wear to an in-person interview and choose a similar outfit ... If you can, find out about the company dress code," Tracey Beveridge, HR director at Personnel Checks, told Forage. When you have a Zoom meeting, it's necessary to dress comfortably but still professionally. 

Buying a new professional-looking top for the Zoom interview should be worth the investment, helping you look and feel fresh and ready. But you can't forget about bottoms! Wearing a professional top with sloppy pants — or worse, no pants — in Zoom calls can definitely backfire. Other details like colors and accessories are important, too, but don't let all this info overwhelm you. We have many suggestions to break down Zoom interview fashion. 

Dress comfortably but not casual

When your interviewer stares at your face — as everyone has to in Zoom meetings — looking uncomfortable via sweating or shaking from nerves can be more noticeable than in face-to-face interviews, so you should wear something comfortable. Pay attention to the temperature in the room in which you'll be doing the Zoom interview, and keep an extra layer next to you if you think you'll get chilly. Remember, there's a fine line between comfortable and casual, so that layer should be a blazer, not a hoodie.

Pay the most attention to your top

The most noticeable aspect of your Zoom interview ensemble will be your top, so put careful thought into this part of your outfit. When in doubt, it's better to dress up than down, as you don't want to risk appearing unprofessional. You can't go wrong with a classic button-down or blouse with a clean, sophisticated pattern.

Dark colors are always safe

We love wearing black clothing because it exudes powerful, sophisticated energy. As such, it can never hurt to wear black to an interview, whether in person or via Zoom. Many of us sweat when we're nervous, which is nothing to be ashamed of, but sweating through a white top can be distracting in the middle of an interview. Thus, darker colors will prevent that relatable — but potentially embarrassing — situation.

Or go bold with a pop of color

While wearing black or dark hues like navy blue is always a safe option, many people have that same idea. So, if you're comfortable wearing professional apparel in brighter colors, such as red, we recommend doing so to stand out. Your interviewer has likely already spoken to many people wearing black and other dark neutrals, so that pop of color can help you make a memorable impression.

Please think about your bottoms

We've all heard the horror stories: Someone wears old sweatpants — or even no pants — to an interview or other Zoom meeting under the misconception that they don't have to worry about the bottom half of their outfit because no one will see it. What if you have to stand up at some point during the interview? Don't risk your Zoom interview becoming the next outfit-related horror story to hit social media. Instead, play it safe in professional slacks, trousers, or a skirt.

Dresses and jumpsuits are convenient options

If you're stressed trying to pair the perfect blouse or button-down top with the best well-fitting professional-looking pants or skirt, we have an easy solution: Wear a jumpsuit or dress instead. Maxi dresses and jumpsuits are both comfortable and sophisticated, so they'll help you look good without causing any styling-related overthinking.

Double-check that what you plan to wear fits properly

Wearing clothes that don't fit your body can be distracting to both you and your interviewer — we can't think of anything more embarrassing than a wardrobe malfunction in the middle of a serious interview. Therefore, you should save yourself from that awkwardness by trying on your outfit a few days beforehand to double-check that everything fits right, especially if you bought something new or haven't worn the ensemble in years.

Think about accessories

Regarding all outfits, accessories can be the cherry on top to make the ensemble significantly more memorable — or the disruptive aspect that ruins the look. We suggest avoiding overly flashy accessories, but some appealing and professional pieces can elevate your outfit. For instance, the skinny tie revival is perfect for showing the interviewer that you mean business.

Remember to wear what you like

Of course, you must dress professionally, but that doesn't mean you should force yourself to wear something you don't enjoy. As Hollywood stylist Leesa Evans told Inc., "I don't know anyone ... I've ever dressed where the outfit was more important than how the person felt in that outfit. You can take the best looking person ever and if they don't feel good ... it shows all over their face." So it's crucial to wear clothes that make you feel confident, even if you have to "fake it 'til you make it" by starting with one piece that makes you feel amazing.