Pointed-Toe Boots Are The '90s Inspired Shoe Trend We Can't Get Enough Of For Fall 2023

There aren't many differences regarding boot trends from the previous year. Besides the color or print, the only thing that could really differ from year-to-year is the toe design. Pointed toe or rounded toe is an exciting fashion debate that has some perplexed if there's even a difference. While a pointed toe will have more narrow space than a rounded one, they offer plenty of benefits. Besides being a classic '90s design, the pointed toe can help subtly lengthen the body. In other words, the eye will naturally follow the length of the toe, making your leg seem longer than it is. Though small, this detail can make a big difference in your look.

Pointed toes are not a new trend, having been around for years. That said, it doesn't seem like its popularity is going to be slowing down anytime soon. After all, its spearlike toe can be the perfect detail for your fall boots, giving more of a high-fashion touch rather than just a plain toe.

Lifted pointy toe

Part of the appeal of pointed-toe boots is the many designs you can find them in. While we all appreciate an excellent pointed-toe boot, some include a unique lift. Common in western-inspired boots, many pointed-toe boots will have an upwards curve miming the classic cowboy boot. This slight upward curve will give you a high-fashion touch you rarely find in other boot styles.

Metallic boots

Metallic is already set to take over your footwear but could use extra sharpness. A pointed-toe boot in a metallic material will set the trend for the fall season. This classic shoe design will get a modern touch with shine and a pointy toe. While this pointy design keeps coming in and out of trend, the combination will likely last more than one season.

Animal point

What's a pointed-toe boot with some animal print to accompany it? Like metallic, animal print is seeing increased attention thanks to brands like Ferragamo, which showcased the potential of animal-printed shoes at the Fall/Winter 2023 show. With snakeskin and other animal prints seeing their resurgence, it's time to join these two classic designs again for a little '90s flair in our fall footwear.

Pointed maximalist

Not all boots are made just for walking; some are for high-fashion looks. Maximalist boots will be a sneaky way of adding plenty of print, color, and accents during the fall. Plus, there's no better way of bringing this trend full circle than by adding a pointed end for a sleek and modern touch. During the Dion Lee Fall/Winter 2023/2024 show, we saw how going big in your footwear adds a much-needed visual interest to your fall looks.

Over-the-knee boots

Perhaps there isn't a more significant classic boot trend for fall than the over-the-knee boot. Because this design takes up more leg space, you'll need to find a way to elongate your legs in other ways. After all, as mentioned before, a pointed toe lengthens the height of your leg, making it seem longer. For petite women looking to rock over-the-knee boots, the pointed-toe can be an intelligent way of making up some lost leg space.