The Glue Gun Hack That Can Upgrade Your Clothes Hangers

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Doing laundry can be pretty tedious, and some of us are convinced those who say it's therapeutic might not be speaking entirely truthfully (even if styling a clothing rank at the end of it is fun). Luckily, social media has become incredibly useful with all its DIY home organization hacks and tips that make arranging your things more bearable, especially when you're in a time crunch.

We have all encountered the "hanger curse" where you painstakingly hang up your clothes only to have them slip right off the hanger when your back is turned. It's enough to send anyone over the edge, especially when your bank balance isn't exactly in your corner; not everyone can afford a new set of hangers on a whim, which is why it's useful to have a trick or two up your sleeve. Luckily for you, we've got you covered with one that elevates the hangers you already own with none other than hot glue, which, if you're like us, you already own, too. 

Two dots of glue on the hanger arms should do the trick

One great hack to ensure your clothes stay on the hanger is simply to use a glue gun. No, you're not going to hot glue your clothes to the hanger, silly. The trick is dotting the upward ends of the hanger with glue and then letting it dry before hanging your clothes. This hack doesn't require a certain number of dots, either. You could place one, two, or a full handful of dots — whatever you think will be necessary for the clothes you're storing. Once complete, the glue dollops act as stoppers, preventing them from slipping off the hanger. 

You can even find affordable scented and/or colored hot glue to make this hack your own. For instance, you can grab a 48-pack of hot glue sticks from Amazon for just $6.99, with the bundle including pink, yellow, and blue sticks, among other colors. Now you'll no longer have to deal with your favorite little black dress being dusty come time for a girls' night out or your work shirt being wrinkled when you're already running late. Phew.

Make zig-zag glue lines instead for a more frictional hold

The hot glue gun hack for hangers seems like a wonderful stroke of genius, but it actually gets better. YouTube creator Expert Village specializes in DIY hacks around the house and came up with another cool way to use your hot glue gun to keep your clothes on their hangers (and off of your closet floor).

The process is similar to applying drops of glue onto the hanger, but this time around, you draw a squiggly line running from the head of the hanger down both of its sides. You simply stop a little short of where the hanger arm curves underneath itself. This will create grooves on the arms and provide enough friction to keep your clothes in place. This works great for spaghetti-strap shirts, dresses, and pesky, wide-necked shirts, among other clothes. Just make sure you let the glue fully dry before inserting the hangers into your clothes — or else you'll have hung them for much longer than anticipated. Then, you'll be all set to declutter and organize your closet, as well as breathe a sigh of relief.