Tips For Styling A Clothing Rack For The Perfect Aesthetic

You might have seen your favorite influencer do an entire clothing haul where they display their items on a clothing rack. Their setup has each item side by side, looking neat and visually pleasing. Then, you look at your closet and think how it could use some help, so you spend hours cleaning it out, piling clothes you hardly wear, but it still doesn't look like the one you saw. You might be thinking about making clothing haul videos and want to get the proper gear. Whichever the case is, clothing racks have become beneficial for creating extra storage for clothes and elevating the look of a room. They can be placed in the entryway or bedroom. But, since they're displayed out in the open, there's pressure to make them look attractive in case anyone sees them.

Styling a clothing rack can be tricky. Avoid replicating the appearance of your closet on the rack with too many items or mismatched pieces. Instead, make it a space where you have fun styling and switching up when the seasons change, or when you get new clothes. There are different ways to style a clothing rack without stressing through the process. Here are a few easy tips to follow to turn your clothing rack into the perfect aesthetic.

Pick out the right rack

Purchasing a clothing rack is the start of the entire process. First, you want to find one that matches your room's interior, such as a complementary color or rack design. For example, if you have a lilac interior, you can buy a white or dark purple rack. In addition, since there are different models and sizes, you can pick one that will fit your space and give you extra storage. Some racks have shelves to place shoes you wear daily.

Avoid hanging too many items

The crucial part of styling a clothing rack is ensuring you don't create clutter with too many items. Avoid displaying everything you have in your closet on your clothing rack. Instead, pick out the best pieces or a few you wear often. Keep the number of items between 10 and 15 to prevent overcrowding your rack. Depending on how full or empty you want the rack to look, you might need to place less.

Evenly space out your items

After picking the items, evenly space them so that the rack looks visually appealing. Like most retail stores, a two-finger space between each hanger is ideal. You would prefer to avoid shopping through an overcrowded rack, so why have that at home? There are items to keep in mind when you're hanging clothes. For example, coats are thicker, so they'll take up more space on the rack. Opt for lighter jackets and coats to prevent the area from looking full.

Get matching hangers

A small detail you might've overlooked in your closet is how the hangers look. Since your closet has doors or a curtain covering what's behind, it doesn't matter what the hangers look like. However, you want to buy matching hangers for your clothing rack that'll be seen by anyone who enters your room. It completes the entire aesthetic, whereas mismatched hangers can throw off the appeal. Invest in felt and velvet hangers to create a cohesive and stylish clothing rack.

Create a theme

When picking out which clothes you will hang, opt for similar pieces, such as color or style. The goal is to make the clothing rack look put together, so creating a theme can make it look attractive. For example, if you like to dress in neutral tones, hang pieces that you have in beige, white, brown, or black. Those items could be a couple of shirts in beige, a pair of black trousers, and a brown blazer. On the other hand, you could compile a few clothing items that are in season to be easily accessible.

Display a few matching accessories

You can't have a full rack of clothes without accessories; it'll take longer to get ready, which is why clothing racks with a couple of shelves are essential. You can display shoes that match best with the clothes hung, so you're not trying to figure it out last minute. In addition to displaying your shoes, arrange a few purses, hats, or scarves that could go with a few of your outfits. If your clothing rack doesn't have extra storage space, hang a couple of shelves on the wall behind the rack to display your accessories.