Screen-Printed Dresses Are The Elegant Graphic Tee Upgrade We Desperately Needed

When it comes to fashion, there are no limits to the colors, patterns, and designs you can use. The same is true for screen printing, which is why it's such an ideal combination. It's also the reason why style-savvy individuals can't get enough of screen-printed dresses, the refined graphic tee upgrade that has been taking runways by storm.

Screen printing is a technique that uses a screen and stencil to transfer ink onto fabric, creating patterns or images. Businesses have been utilizing this technique since the 1920s, and artists adopted it in the 1930s. By the 1950s, it had become very popular among the creative crowd. Over the years, the technique has been adapted and improved with modernized screens and contemporary inks, resulting in stunning printed pieces.

If you're interested in this dress trend, you can start by deciding whether you want to purchase pre-made screen-printed pieces or create your own as a fun creative outlet. Famous brands like Rodarte and Lanvin have released runway-worthy items with charming fairies and stunning screen-printed flower designs. For those who prefer smaller designers and handmade pieces, the options are just as eye-catching.

Spaced-out designs create a strong visual impression

Screen-printed designs offer designers the flexibility to use them as much or as little as they desire. This allows for spaced-out accents placed strategically to create a strong visual impact. It's an excellent way to showcase larger images and preserve the base color of the dress. The added ink enhances the base shade, rather than completely obscuring it.

Screen-printed dress with overlapping pattern

Dresses featuring larger screen-printed images don't always have to follow a spaced-out design. Instead, an artist may choose to overlap the same or different images to create a captivating effect. This option can suit a wide variety of dresses. For a less overwhelming look, you might prefer a short piece with thin straps. However, if you enjoy making a statement with your style, a long dress that doesn't shy away from a bold pattern may be more your speed.

Artistic florals offer timeless appeal

There's no doubt that floral designs are timeless. They can be used on anything from shirts to shoes, and of course, dresses. When it comes to screen-printing flowers onto fabric, you may be attracted to classic realistic images of full-color daisies or contemporary artistic drawings of black-and-white roses. Keep the fabulous flair going with the help of lace details around the neck and a crinoline that gives the skirt section an extra boost.

Screen-printed dress with chunky strokes

If you like the idea of a dress that takes an extra creative twist on this look, then you definitely need to consider nabbing (or making) one that is covered with chunky screen-printed strokes or a similar design that is just as playful in a stylish kind of way. Although the placement of the designs may seem almost random — as do the shapes of the strokes themselves — each one adds just the right touch of creative style to this type of item which is both casual, comfortable, and oh-so-cool.

Choose color blocking for a more minimal design

When you think of screen-printed designs, you might imagine complicated patterns filled with dazzling colors. While this can be true, you can also find pieces that go in the opposite direction. For instance, some designs opt for just one or two shades. In the latter case, it's the perfect chance to display a color-block design. Think of a casual linen dress with a soft yellow and dark tan combination or one with a blush rose tone and robin's egg blue. The options are endless.