The Double Nostril Piercing Is Trending, And It Gives The Daintiest Touch Of Punk To Your Look

You may have seen the double nostril piercing popping up a little more frequently lately and the look has us totally head-over-heels. With a piercing on each side of the nose, the trend is all about edgy daintiness. If you're a body piercing novice, you'll likely be wondering how much pain you're in for with this one, but according to Gayety, nostril piercings actually rank on the lower end of the pain spectrum for most.

And naturally, you're likely also thinking about the fact that a needle will be going through your body twice, so that ups the pain factor. And you're not wrong — but, it's actually recommended that you space out the two piercings in order to let your body recover and heal. Nostril piercings can cost anywhere between $30 and $80  depending on the jewelry you choose to don, and you can expect the piercings to fully heal after about four to six months if you're following proper piercing aftercare. If you're hopping aboard this delightfully cool trend, here's some inspiration for you.

Seeing double

The sleek stud duo is one of our favorite iterations of this trend. It's subtle, yet once the double piercings — with both a hoop and a stud — have caught your eye, you're totally hooked on the vibe. It's the perfect jewelry choice for those who are craving an edgy change that isn't too out there, and the stunning asymmetry obviously can't go unmentioned.

Double studs and a septum ring

If you're no newbie when it comes to facial piercings, then the double nostril piercing is probably a given. We're loving the combination of double nostril studs with a septum piercing — and of course, a lip piercing is just an added bonus. This look is one for the books and we love the possibilities available when it comes to jewelry.

Double hoops

The double hoop is another symmetrical look we're swooning over. There's something alluring about the style and this look is ideal for anyone wanting to get creative with their piercings. Sometimes new makeup and hair just don't cut it when you're looking for a change, but we're guessing this stunning look will definitely do the trick.

A dainty duo

Another dainty duo — we'd even go so far as to call it ethereal. There's something captivating about this double-studded look and the piercings just add a little flare. You could easily dress this look up or down depending on your mood. It's unique, alluring, and cute as can be.

The nose chain

An example of just how creative you can get with jewelry once you've got the double nostril piercings, the nose chain that bridges from one piercing to the other is just the accessory to take this look to the next level. Single or double chains — the vibe is unmatched.