What Is The 'Grocery-Girl' Aesthetic?

There's an air of adventure and freshness that comes with this food-inspired trend, and we are fully on board. From martini tank tops to grape earrings, the grocery-girl aesthetic is reminiscent of summer picnics, leisurely strolls through the farmer's market, and the most divine charcuterie boards you can dream up. While florals always seem to reign supreme, and the leafy naturecore aesthetic definitely holds its own beauty, fruits and veggies offer a unique veer into versatility.

"I do think fruit is more popular than florals because it's more dynamic," fashion stylist Shea Daspin told Glamour. "You get the pattern of an orange from the outside, and if you cut it open, there is a whole different pattern on the inside. That is really useful in design because you get more options." If you're ready to hop aboard this trend, get ready to take inspiration from the garden, the produce aisle, and your favorite café.

Strawberry fields forever

This vintage strawberry summer dress has us majorly swooning. If you can score a vintage grocery-girl piece like this one, consider yourself to have the golden touch. There's not much sweeter than a strawberry blossom print, and we see this one working for casual lunches, date nights, or strolls to the farmer's market. No accessories needed — but some picnic-appropriate woven sandals would really top this one off.

Pasta paradise

This trend comes with some quirks, and that's what makes it so great. This pasta-shaped button-up couldn't be cuter, and we are head over heels for the vibes it's giving. It's great for the obvious – going out to dine – but foodie tops like this can be quite versatile. Enjoy lunch on the patio, leisurely bike rides through town with your besties, or picnics in the park.

Under the sea

Sure to be a smashing hit anywhere you go, a piece like this is a forever piece. Unique and sweet, who doesn't need a shrimp dress? This one takes the grocery-girl aesthetic to the next level with charm and a dash of humor. Perfect for the seafood lover in your life.

Charcuterie heaven

This charcuterie purse is sure to turn heads, and we couldn't be more thrilled. It's the perfect maximalist accessory to complement the grocery-girl aesthetic, and it's a top-tier conversation starter. Get ready to spill the details when you take this out and about. It's ideal for just about anything.

Autumnal veggies

Mushrooms and Brussels sprouts may not have been on your radar when shopping for your fall wardrobe, but it's time to expand those horizons and experience the adventure of the grocery-girl aesthetic with some cute vegetable-themed pieces. With just the right amount of eccentricity, vegetables are a fun departure from florals and plants.