The Rosette Trend Is Coming For Your Nails - All The Manicure Inspo You Need

Calling all romantics: Rosette nails should be the next floral manicure to grace your nails. Whether you're a lover at heart or simply looking for something more intricate than ditsy daisy nails, rose nails are a pretty choice. Plus, there are so many ways to make rosette nails your own. Watercolor-style roses and artistic motifs can make your mani look fit for a painting; mini rose bouquets of all colors are romantic and sweet; and light pastel colors, feminine details, and 3D rose and bow decals can make rosette nail designs fit into the coquette aesthetic. Or, you could turn to one of our favorites: old-fashioned rosette doodles paired with polka dots or pinstripes, which offer a vintage touch.

One downside of rosette nails is that they can be harder to recreate by yourself — it's not as easy as creating little daisies with a nail dotting tool. If you're skilled with a nail brush, though, you can create a wide range of rose outlines, from small rosettes to whole rose and stem drawings. Some alternatives include nail stickers or stamps, or if you're going for a more opulent coquette style, 3D rosette details are a gorgeous pick. Perhaps the easiest solution, though, is to bring one of your favorite rosette designs to your nail artist to get the look. Luckily for you, we've gathered the cream of the rosy crop so you don't have to do any gardening — er, digging — to find the right one.

Pearlescent rosette manicure

It's hard to find a nail look more romantic than this pearlescent rosette manicure. To create an ultra-feminine design, this manicure starts with a pink, milk-bath base that creates a soft and pearlescent background. This almost-white shade is the perfect base for light pink rosettes. Choose a pink hue a few shades darker than the background for a subtle look. What's more, you can simply do roses, which look more formal, or add leaves in a light green polish, which creates a fuller garden design.

Mini rose bouquets

A cartoonish rose bouquet design is more playful and sweet than elegant and subdued, and you only need to bunch three to five roses together to create stunning mini bouquets on your nails. Roses don't only need to be red or pink, either — in fact, it's better to use various shades for this design. Multicolor roses help differentiate the flowers (they could look like one big flower if you use the same color for all of them). Pair the bouquets with a patterned background if you want an extra bold mani.

Detailed rose outline

A rose manicure doesn't have to be romantic; there are plenty of ways to give rosette nails a bit of edge. One way is to draw detailed roses in a tattoo-inspired style. This sharp style makes the roses look tough and cool rather than demure. Your color palette is important as well. Deep red roses are bold, and details like black French tips and silver chrome accents can take a manicure from sweet to sultry.

Watercolor rosette design

There's something about the softness of the watercolor style that makes this painting type all the more picturesque. Recreate the romantic feel on your nails by trying hand-painted watercolor-style roses. Use soft shades and blend them into each other to create the watercolor-inspired rosettes. You can leave your blooms as-is, or if you want to add a touch of glamor, outline the roses in metallic gold to really make them pop.

Femme fatale rose design

This punk-inspired femme fatale nail look is another rose manicure for edgier aesthetics. Distinctive details give these nails a dangerous but passionate feel. Chrome whole-rose details look like an emblem sitting on a blood-red base. But it's the stiletto nail shape that really completes this look — these nails are sharp and ready to strike. Ruby red gem details hanging off the end are a stunning finishing touch, but you might want to skip this addition if they'll get in the way of your daily routine.

Rosy French tips

If you don't want to decorate your whole nail, you can relegate a few roses to just your fingertips. Detailed French tips are a lovely choice for when you want to try a new design but also want to stick to your classic elegant French manicure. The longer the nail, the more space you have for drawings or nail stickers, which means space for one or more roses. A little sparkle and pearl details can give your manicure more character, too.

Peachy rosettes

If you tend to lean toward neutral, minimalist manicures, then peachy rosettes are a good choice for you. Start with any neutral base, and then top it with a handful of peach- or beige-toned roses. These shades won't stand out as much as rosy reds, so they're ideal for a subdued floral nail look. Leaves are optional, so you can leave them out if you want to stick to a nude color palette. 

Rosettes on a lace-inspired background

Similar to roses, lacy fabrics are associated with passion and romance. Pair the two together by painting roses on a lace-inspired background. A classic white or black lace is a stunning choice depending on your mood. White lace is bright, innocent, and airy, whereas black lace has a more sultry and edgy feel. Once the base is dry, dot the nails with small individual roses so the lacy background can show through between the flowers.

Barely-there rosettes

Rosette nail designs tend to be more detailed than other popular manicure florals, like daisies. But if you want to set a more simplistic tone, go for minimalist rosettes. These flowers follow a general outline rather than having petal details. Plus, they're painted in a shade that's not far off from the base color, so you can only see the roses if you look closely. The end result is a stunning yet subtle rosette manicure.

Single rose stem

On the completely opposite side of the spectrum, this nail look goes for a rose accent nail to put all the attention on the flower. The deep red rose is incredibly detailed and looks almost photo-realistic. It shows the whole rose, leaves, stem, and all, to get an even more realistic look. With a design this detailed, you'll want to stick to one or two nails — decorate the other nails with sparkles, marbled accents, or other nature-inspired details to stay on the theme but not overwhelm your mani.

Matte rose nails

Matte nails sometimes feel like an underdog. They're easy to forget about, but when they come onto our feeds, we fall in love every time. Matte nails, especially in neutral colors, have a muted sophistication that works so nicely with a rose design. With individual rosettes on a trellis-like grid, these nails are simple but artistically fulfilling.

Rose accent nail

Why not mix roses and other florals in your nail design? After all, roses and daisies are a playful pair. They might look a bit out of place on the same nail — they do have slightly different vibes — so instead, opt for a separate rose accent nail. To make the overall manicure look more cohesive, choose a color palette with just two or three colors and match the color of the rose to an element of the other flowers.

Kitschy vintage rosette manicure

In fashion, rose patterns have a vintage reputation. Thus, when it comes to manicures, we can play on that reputation by creating vintage-inspired rose nails. Try large, kitschy rosettes and add patterns like polka dots or pinstripes for an antique spin. Take advantage of your color palette as well: Pastel pinks, baby blues, deep reds, warm peachy and mustard tones, and cool teals can all contribute to a beautifully retro vibe.

Classic red roses

Red roses are an enduring symbol of love and passion, and they're, of course, classics when it comes to rosette nail designs. If you want to use a single color like red, you'll need to get a bit creative to make the rose outline obvious (or else they'll just look like red blobs). To make a clear red rose, outline the shape of the flower instead. Simply make sure to pair the design with a light background, which provides a good contrast to help the rose(s) stand out.

Subdued abstract rosettes

These soft and dreamy roses almost look more like clouds rather than flowers. They have an ethereal quality that makes us want to get lost in the design — they're just that pretty. It takes a talented nail artist to recreate this look, blending various shades of similar colors to get an abstract rose design that is understated but detailed all the same. Nevertheless, it's worth trying it out if you have a trusted nail artist or want to try out a fun experiment yourself.

Romantic artistic roses

If you're looking for a refined nail look, take inspiration from classic art. Blushy pink tones and cloud-like swirls make the base of these nails look like a sunset painting, while tiny rose details add a pop of color. The roses are so small you can barely notice them, so they blend right into the expressive background.

Modern rose outlines

Or, take inspiration from modern art with bold, chunky rose outlines. Paired with geometric shapes and neutral colors, these rose nails have a contemporary feel that's different from many of the romantic and soft manicures on this list. They're a bit chicer and smarter, and the minimalist elements give you lots of room to play with color.

Autumnal roses

Warm tones give this manicure a fall-inspired feel. Choose autumnal colors like warm yellows, oranges, reds, and browns to get a similar look — think about the changing autumn leaves for shade inspiration. The larger rose design feels enveloping and captures the cozy essence of fall. Choose a neutral base color for this design so the autumnal colors really stand out.

Bold and sparkly rose design

If the manicures on our list feel pretty but plain, then an extra sparkly and bold rosette manicure might be the eye-catching pick for your nails. Start with a sparkly base — you can choose any shade, but more neutral colors like white, black, or silver will keep the roses as the stars of the show. Then, decorate your nails with large rosettes. Instead of another bright, colorful shade, outline them in black to make them extra bold.