How Often Should You Get Pedicures To Keep Your Feet Fresh?

In the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, perhaps it is our feet that work the hardest. They endure the pain of holding our body weight and any extra baggage for hours on end. They also suffer through all kinds of tight, ill-fitted, or uncomfortable shoes. Pampering them once in a while with a classic and relaxing pedicure really isn't too much to ask.

A pedicure is a treatment for the feet, which is based on the premise of soaking your tired soles in a tub of warm water to prepare them for sluicing off the dead skin, calluses, and warts. The toenails are also primed and cared for so that your feet look pretty in addition to your soles feeling soft and relaxed. It is a pretty simple procedure that you can get in a beauty salon. However, you could also follow these simple steps to get a salon-like pedicure at home. Interestingly, you might have noticed that pedicures last longer than manicures. With that in mind, the question arises — how often should you get pedicures so that your feet stay fresh?

Experts believe that getting a pedicure once a month is a good rule of thumb to follow, simply because that is the amount of time it takes for the dead skin to collect on your feet after new cells have regenerated. Coats of nail polish, however, may need some replenishing before that period of time.

How to judge the frequency of a pedicure

As with all beauty treatments, the frequency at which you get a pedicure will depend on your personal needs. Once every 4 to 6 weeks, as is the time indicated above, is considered a good ballpark figure catering to generic needs. However, you can tweak that time according to the wear and tear your feet are exposed to.

Those who live in hot climates and, as a result, expose their feet to pollution, dirt, and dust by wearing open-toed shoes or sandals may want to get pedicures done more frequently — say twice a month. This is also applicable to the summertime for people living in colder countries.

People who play sports, hike, swim, or exercise frequently may need extra love and care for their feet as they take an extra hard beating. In this case, you shouldn't be afraid to get a pedicure once a week! Keeping in mind the expenses of a pedicure, it may not be feasible for you to keep visiting a salon frequently. A possible solution, therefore, is to visit the salon for an in-depth treatment once a month and touch up at home between appointments. All you need for that is a pumice stone, a toenail clipper, and some nice colored nail polishes, such as this bright orange that brings out the warm tones in your skin.

When should you avoid getting a pedicure?

There are many benefits to getting a pedicure, such as relaxation, improved circulation, early detection of foot-related problems, and generally healthier skin. However, pedicures can also be slightly problematic if done too frequently, as over-exfoliation can whittle away your healthy skin cells, according to the Beauty Bee Blog.

This isn't the only problem. There are other situations in which you should avoid getting a pedicure. If you have developed fungus around the toenail, a pedicure is the last thing you need to go in for, as the problem will only spread to the surfaces it touches and later to other customers of that salon. Those who suffer from diabetes should also avoid getting pedicures because of the risk of catching an infection or causing a spike in blood sugar levels.

Having recently waxed or shaved your legs, you should also avoid a visit to the salon as the open pores may result in ingrown hairs and painful boils.