Bright Orange: The Summer Pedicure Trend Bringing Out Warm Tones In Your Skin

Summer's here, and it's time to have fun with your pedicure. While classic and natural pedicures are refreshingly easy, we're entering a new era this year. This summer, we're going to fun beach events and hanging out with our friends, and we need a pedicure to reflect that. So, instead of having boring toenails this year, it's time to step out of your comfort zone with a bright color to make a big statement.

Orange is making a big splash right now. While it could seem scary, especially for folks who don't typically indulge in painting their toenails, this is the perfect color to bring out your summer tan. Plus, it allows you to embrace a fun look that adds a tropical touch to all of your outfits. With a few simple tips, there are so many ways to wear an orange pedicure that no one has to shy away from it. Naturally, orange is poised to be the top pedicure color of summer.

Bedazzle your orange pedicure

For those who like to add some shine to their pedicure, consider having your nail technician add a few gems to your toes. Nail jewels are amazing for adding extra attention to the feet without going all out. To do it at home, apply a small amount of nail glue on the big toe, and place each gem with a tweezer.

Get a special design

Designs are a beautiful way to express yourself. The color orange alone is very striking, but adding a creative fruit design takes it to a whole new level. Since orange is already bright, keep the nail art designated to just the big toe so it's not too overpowering.

Mix and match colors

If you feel the colors are too bright, try mixing and matching colors. Using a dark color as contrast on the nail creates a unique and interesting look that anyone would love. When you use complementary colors like orange and blue, it creates a striking color combination.

Consider adding some glitter

Glitter is such a fun additive for the summer. The hint of sparkle comes in a myriad of colors and adds a special pop that people don't see every day. Like the designs, it is best to stick to just one nail per foot to not overdo it.

Keep it subtle with French tips

If orange still sounds scary to you, a French tip is always a great option. French tips are simply applying nude nail polish while applying the color of your choice at the tips of your nails. Having French tips allow you to get all the fun of orange nail polish, with a classic touch.