Classic & Natural Pedicures Are The Refreshingly Easy Spring Trend To Try Now

Minimalism, hassle-free hacks, and classic looks are making their way around this spring, and it looks like they'll be here to stay for the summer (and hopefully longer). In the realm of pedicures, there are a lot of cute, time-saving styles in vogue as we approach the season when sandals slowly make their way into our wardrobe for warmer summer months. 

First things first, always know what your nail products, lotions, and tools are made from and how those ingredients might affect you, your body, or the climate. As the world has become more technologically advanced and digitally connected, we've been able to share information with wider audiences when it comes to the products we use and their effects on both our bodies and the environment. When choosing your nail looks, especially for your pedicures, go with products that avoid the toxic trio, which DERMAdoctor says include formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate, or DBT for short. Make certain that you're checking the ingredients on each and every product that you purchase — or if you opt for a professional pedicure in a salon then do a quick scan of the ingredients in the products being used. 

For an extra tip, morning appointments in nail salons tend to provide for the cleanest environments before the day becomes chaotic, says Beltsville Foot and Ankle Specialists. So go early, keep it simple, and prepare for an awesome pedicure. From a minimalistic approach, less is definitely more when it comes to summer pedicures.

Prioritize natural, healthy nails

Perhaps the most minimalist one can go with a pedicure is to opt for polish-free, which many people are leaning towards right now. Instead of slathering nail polish onto toes, it's now more fashionable to prioritize skin care. Focus on keeping your feet healthy through exfoliation, regularly applying lotion, and preventing cracked heels. WebMD recommends establishing a foot, skin, and nail care routine that involves daily cleansing, moisturizing, and trimming of nails. Be mindful not to apply too much lotion between your toes to avoid possible infection. Otherwise, natural and healthy are incredibly stylish at the moment.

Clear coats and light looks

If you want a clean look with a glistening summer shine to it, follow the same tips for a natural pedicure, but include a clear coat of polish at the end. You can also go for a translucent or light shade of polish, like a sheer pink, taupe, or even a very delicate French pedicure. Again, natural pedicures are about taking care of your toes and feet the same way you prioritize skin and nail care on your hands.

Minimalist and micro details

Pedicure pearls, sometimes called nail beads, have been around for a while — but they're definitely right in step with this year's tendency towards classic, natural looks. You can achieve a pedicure with a polish that is clear (or very light in color) combined with nail beads at a nail salon, or via a DIY application at home, shares Esther's Nail Center. The most common placement for pedicure pearls is along the nail of the big toe. You'll also want to choose smaller beads so you don't experience discomfort when wearing shoes

Be confident and classic

Achieving a minimalistic pedicure doesn't mean forgoing color at all! In fact, just the opposite. When you think about a minimalistic, classic pedicure, imagine a look that is sleek, timeless, and easy to apply. For this type of classic look, stick with one color of your choice (literally any shade of the rainbow), and rock bold pops of color. This trendy look won't require the same lengthy appointments needed for designs or intricately painted nails. When you have a few minutes at home, choose a color that makes you happy and give yourself a quick DIY pedicure!

Foot care for fun in the sun

The very best thing you can do for your feet, and ultimately for the perfect pedicure, is to apply sunscreen to protect the skin around your ankles, soles, tops of feet, and even between your toes. Sole, Foot & Ankle Specialists share that the skin on feet can be extremely sensitive and susceptible to skin cancers. You'll want to keep an eye on any moles you may have around your feet or toes. When wearing sandals during warmer spring and summer months, it might not feel like a naturally intuitive habit to put sunscreen on your feet — but it's 100% the best addition to your pedicure process.