The Best Haircuts For The Quiet Luxury Look

Fall is a perfect time to refresh your hairstyle. However, after the bold colors and cuts of summer, you may not be sure how to transition into a look that will work for autumn. For those who appreciate subtle and understated looks, there's good news. Quiet luxury, (which is distinctly different from stealth wealth) is a hot trend that will remain cool throughout fall. Many may know that quiet luxury wardrobe pieces are popular, but they might not realize quiet luxury is taking over hair trends, too.

In the past, lots of layers or bright colors might have defined hair trends, but quiet luxury hair is all about showcasing the natural beauty of your tresses in a simple and elegant way. This means focusing on keeping your hair healthy, choosing rich but understated colors, and opting for simple haircuts that can really show off the health of your hair.

While quiet luxury might be centered around restraint and minimalist styles, there are still tons of options when it comes to cuts. You can look completely posh no matter your hair length, texture, color, or thickness. From long and flowing layers to a sleek pixie cut, there are so many gorgeous quiet luxury cuts to consider this fall.

Chocolate shoulder-length cut

If you want to try two trends out at once, glossy chocolate-colored hair and a shoulder-length cut are the way to go. Simple, sumptuous colors like chocolate, bronze, and honey are in, and there's no better way to show them off than with a straightforward haircut. A few details can give you a lot of mileage with this look, like face-framing layers. Keeping the details minimal can help your hair stand out in the best way and level up your whole look, too.

Long subtle layers

For those with long hair, a cut with some subtle layers can add movement and interest to a basic look and elevate it in a way that isn't over the top. With long layers, you can showcase your healthy hair or any highlights, streaks, or money pieces that you have. It can also be easier to style than hair that's full of choppy layers, especially when it comes to a basic pony or a French braid, both of which also make great quiet luxury go-to hairstyles.

Shoulder-length with curtain bangs

Do you want to try something trendy but are worried that it won't fit in with the quiet luxury aesthetic? Curtain bangs are another big hair trend that is totally compatible with quiet luxury. The key is to make sure that you don't have lots of other elements in your haircut. That way, you can really draw attention to just one. Overall, it creates a simpler look that ultimately comes off more put-together, too.

Long hair with simple fringe

Bangs don't just bring a youthful element to your hair — they can ooze class, too. This is especially true when bangs are paired with a simple haircut. With hair that is all one length, some fringey bangs can create an interesting contrast. They can look great with your hair down and bring extra sophistication to styles like a high pony or a half-up, half-down hairstyle as well.

Chin-hugging bob

A simple bob is the quintessential quiet luxury hairstyle. Not only does it scream sophistication, but it's usually easy to style, too. For those with straight hair, sporting a chin-hugging bob can be a great way to instantly look more posh, while also a being style that doesn't require a lot of maintenance. 

Simple and slightly longer than shoulder-length

A haircut that's just a little longer than shoulder-length has a lot of versatility and can look great on different hair types, whether your hair is pin straight and fine, or curly and thick. This kind of cut is all about letting your hair do its own thing, and focusing on keeping it healthy and polished by prioritizing regular conditioning and hair masks over complicated styling.

One-length long hair

The definition of simple is opting for a one-length haircut. This can be a nice style for those who want to grow their hair out or those with thinner or fine hair. This cut is all about keeping your hair healthy. When you do that, you can skip big chops and instead do maintenance trims to keep split ends at bay (which will allow your gorgeous hair to shine). When keeping your haircut this simple, it can also be a great time to explore some of 2023's most popular hair color trends, like a Barbie-esque ice blond or cowgirl copper.

Piecey lob

Do you love the idea of a bob but can't quite commit to a haircut that simple? No worries — a piecey lob is another awesome option. A little longer than a standard bob, a lob can be a great transition cut for those who want to try shorter hair but are still intimidated by short cuts. Not only that, but piecey layers add some movement and liveliness to the cut, which can be especially great for those with thick or wavy hair.

Long wispy layers and soft waves

For those with wavy hair, some long, delicate, wispy layers can be ultra-feminine and add a touch of fun to your quiet luxury style. While quiet luxury is all about simplicity and highlighting your hair, that doesn't mean you can't do things that will bring some movement to your look. The key is to be subtle, no matter what elements you choose for your haircut.

Short bob with bangs

An adorable variation of a standard bob, a short bob with bangs is synonymous with old money. A style staple for longtime editor-in-chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour, this look is truly iconic, and it's no surprise that it's a popular power cut for stylish women. This is a fantastic option for those who want to take a bold step into quiet luxury and aren't afraid to try new things with their hair.

Blunt cut below the shoulders

Blunt cuts are super on-trend, no matter your hair length. While some may be more familiar with blunt-cut bobs, shoulder-length blunt cuts are popular — and posh — too. Not only are they refreshing in their simplicity, but they're also striking while still being classy. This can be a great look no matter your hair type, but it could be especially cute for those who want to add volume to their hair without a lot of layers.

Soft waves just above the shoulders

If your hair is between chin and shoulder length, you might not feel sure about what to do with it. However, one of the best things you can do is just let it do its own thing, especially if you have any natural waves or curls that you want to highlight. If your hair is straight, adding some simple, low-key waves with a large curling iron can be an easy way to style your hair, and can give you an air of comfortable sophistication.

Cropped short style

Just like longer haircuts, short haircuts can exude the same type of old-school elegance that will pull your quiet luxury looks together. Just like with longer cuts, it's important to keep them simple and to put more focus on your hair itself. With a short, cropped cut, you can easily do just that. Adding some subtle highlights and incorporating a little texture when you style it can take it to the next level.

Shoulder-length with a flip

Shoulder-length hair with a little flip isn't just classy, it also adds an element of flirty nostalgia, too. Flipped-out ends were a cute Y2K trend. They can totally be combined with a simple haircut to create a look that both fits in with the quiet luxury aesthetic but is also feminine and fun.

Sleek pixie cut

Pixie cuts have been the definition of gamine charm for a long time. Not only do they give off a carefree vibe, but they also have a sophisticated side. This means they're not only playful, but a sleek and polished pixie cut can also really deliver when it comes to showcasing quiet luxury.

'90s-style bob

There are lots of hairstyles from the '90s that you'll see everywhere in 2023, and that includes '90s bobs. So many '90s hairstyles and cuts were polished and simple, which means that looking at hairstyles from this era can be a great idea when you need fresh inspiration for your quiet luxury styling. A blown-out '90s-style bob is incredibly iconic, and it can go right along with your favorite quiet luxury pieces, too.