Cardigans Are The Streamlined Alternative To Bulky Sweaters For Fall 2023

As the cold weather rapidly approaches, we're on the hunt for elevated basics to fill our fall wardrobes. While we typically gravitate towards bulky and cozy sweaters, we are considering other possibilities this year. Chunky sweaters serve their purpose on the coldest days of the calendar, but during the autumn season, temperature fluctuations often leave people chilly in the mornings but ready to break out their shorts in the afternoon. Wearing a chunky sweater alone can leave you sweating later in the day with no other choice but to change completely. This is where cardigans come in as a strong option.

Cardigans are a streamlined alternative to bulky sweaters this fall, as they are easy to remove while still providing the comfort we seek. With various styling options and the ability to ditch them mid-day without switching to an entirely new outfit, they are the perfect addition to your fall style lineup.

Open over a T-shirt

Nothing says casual and comfortable like a cardigan over your favorite T-shirt. T-shirts are one of the easiest items to throw on, and layering a cardigan over them not only makes the outfit appear more polished but also more appropriate for chillier moments. You can easily take off the cardigan during the day if needed and still be wearing a full outfit.

Long cardigans with dresses

Long cardigans are essential for pairing with your favorite dress in the fall. This is one of the top ways to wear the piece, allowing you to take your cardigan into multiple seasons. By adding a long cardigan, not only will you stay warm on chilly days, but you will also give the outfit a more casual look.

The cardigan set

Cardigan sets are a trendy way to wear this piece in the fall. These sets consist of a matching tank and cardigan, typically in a monochrome color and made of the same sweater material. Even if you take off the cardigan, the top underneath will still perfectly match the rest of your outfit.

All buttoned-up

For a preppy take, try wearing your cardigan fully buttoned in the front. This will give you the appearance of a bulky sweater, but you will still have the option to remove it throughout the day with another shirt underneath. If you choose to take it off, a pro tip for achieving an even more classic preppy early fall look is to tie the sweater around your shoulders.

A pop of color

While neutral looks are often associated with fall, a bold look can be just as appropriate. You can make a statement with your cardigan. Since cardigans are easily removable, they are perfect for adding a small pop of color to your outfit. Try wearing a colorful cardigan over a neutral outfit, and easily shed it for a more basic style.

Loose and oversized

Perhaps the most popular cardigan style is loose and oversized. This option can resemble a bulky, traditional sweater, but is much more versatile. It can be worn over a simple T-shirt and denim look, or with a miniskirt and knee-high boots. The possibilities are truly endless.