The 3 Types Of Aries Sun And The Differences Between Them

Ah, the Aries. They are the pioneers of the zodiac circle and are appropriately placed at the beginning because the fierce ram people are natural-born leaders. They are not meant to follow others and possess an abundant amount of physical energy, which they often channel into fresh projects. "Aries really represents starting something and thriving on new beginnings, and being ruled by Mars, they're also daring and passionate risk-takers. They're not afraid to start over, so they can perpetually be in a place of new beginnings," explained astrology expert Imani Quinn to mindbodygreen.

The Aries love fiercely, but selectively. There are only a few signs that Aries will match with. If you have an Aries in your life, consider yourself lucky. They are wonderful and inspiring, but can also be extremely complicated. You may need assistance understanding the Aries sign, especially since there are three types of Aries suns interacting with the zodiac.

In astrology, every zodiac sign has three different decans. "A decan refers to a subdivision of a zodiac sign used to give a richer context to each of the signs' personalities and traits," astrologer Lauren Ash told This is why you may feel you don't identify with your zodiac sign. For the unstoppable rams, people born between March 21-30 belong to the first decan, those born between March 31-April 9 belong to the second decan, and anyone born between April 10-April 20 belongs to the third decan.

Decan 1: The hot-tempered Aries

Decan 1 Aries, also known as March Aries, are ruled by the ferocious Mars. While all Aries are impulsive and fierce forces of nature, Decan 1 Aries are even more hot-tempered and prone to getting involved in clashes and arguments, courtesy of the surplus of energy gifted to them by their ruling planet. It's already difficult for Aries to filter their words and control their temper. Imagine how hard it is for the natives of this planet – the planet of war – to control their temper and their interactions with others once they are angered.

Aries natives under the influence of Mars are assertive, dominant, and possess unwavering self-confidence. Decan 1 Aries divert their energy levels into the social realm to achieve their goals. While this may make them appear egocentric, the truth of the matter is that Aries are doers. Once they put something in their mind, they will accomplish it, following a strict code of morality in all their doings.

This is why Decan 1 Aries are bold pioneers. They are overachievers and want to win, but most of their endeavors revolve around the greater good. They want to achieve things not just for themselves but to leave an indelible mark on the course of history and help others. It's hard not to admire the March Aries. They are fiery balls of energy trying to make the world a better place.

Decan 2: The charismatic Aries

Those born under Decan 2 of Aries are often referred to as the "April Aries" and are influenced by the Sun, which motivates them with a sense of arrogance. They are artistically creative and have a vivid imagination, which helps them envision how things should be done. Their positive aura and enthusiasm, fueled by the Sun's warmth, make them stand out in a room, attracting people who are eager to hear their stories.

Like all three types of Aries, Decan 2 Aries is loyal and protective and loves passionately. However, they will only fall in love with someone who can ignite their passion, captivate their complicated mind, and share their vision for life. Unlike Aries under the influence of Mars, Decan 2 Aries is more balanced. Although they still aspire to do something for the greater good and conquer the world, they won't do so at the expense of their personal well-being and happiness. This Aries is willing to let go of once-in-a-lifetime job offers if they feel it will disrupt their perfectly balanced life.

Decan 3: The nomadic Aries

The Aries belonging to the third Decan can be difficult to pin down. Governed by Jupiter, natives born in this bracket of the Aries zodiac sign possess impressive qualities. Aries born in the third 10-day interval of the celestial month share Sagittarius' common interests and fine characteristics.

Expect the fierce ram of this Decan to demonstrate determination and focus, but also inquisitiveness and acceptance as they seek meaningful engagement with others. They take part in deep discussions and are surprisingly group-minded compared to the other two Decan Aries. They possess a selfless nature and willingness to help others, which enables them to handle problems in a calm manner. As a result, these Aries have a wider circle of acquaintances and excel in interpersonal relationships, moving forward to achieve their goals.

However, the Decan 3 Aries has trouble settling in one place. Guided by their respective planet, their nomadic spirit drives them to keep searching, exploring, and discovering. Their insatiable wanderlust makes it harder for them to stay put in a relationship, and they definitely love a challenge when dating!