Zodiac Signs That Love A Challenge When Finding A Romantic Partner

A lot of people think that love should be easy and carefree, but it's also full of complications and the occasional heartache. It also doesn't help if the person that's pursuing you — or the one that you're after — loves the challenge more than the prize. While playing a little hard to get is okay at the beginning of a relationship, some people are only zoomed in on the pursuit and getting a thrill from the unattainable. Sure, being chased is fun, and while finally getting together may cause fireworks, after the initial excitement is gone, you may wind up with a dud of a relationship.


Zodiac signs such as Cancers and Capricorns love being in a relationship and thrive on harmony. Pisces also show love by being givers in their partnerships and don't like playing games. If you're looking for a stable relationship, look for those signs to boo up with. However, if you love a bit of a challenge yourself, these are the zodiac signs that will keep you on your toes.

Aries are naturally competitive and like to win

As the first zodiac sign, Aries are natural-born leaders and never back down from any challenges. Their strong personality makes them strive to win at everything they do, which also spills into their relationships. Because they're passionate, Aries often come across as aggressive, so keep that in mind when being pursued by this fire sign. You may have to put up boundaries and be firm with them. However, once they have the green light, they'll be a fiercely loyal partner.


Once you're in a relationship with an Aries, keep things fiery by challenging them and trying new experiences. Be prepared to let them take the lead, as they like to be the boss of things. That doesn't mean that they'll treat you like an underling — Aries are super affectionate and love to show it. It may be hard to match their passion, but they might just have enough for the both of you!

Leos are tenacious when it comes to love

Is there any surprise that the lion of the zodiac is a natural hunter? As the king — or queen — of the pride, Leos consider themselves leaders and love being the center of attention. If you're at a party and see someone commanding a crowd, they're probably a Leo. Their need for the spotlight means they can be a bit dramatic, but life's just a stage for Leos, and you'll be their supporting actor. 


Once a Leo has their mind set on something, they do anything to achieve it, especially when it comes to love. However, just because lions are dangerous predators, that doesn't mean Leos are. Sure, they like the chase, but once they're in a relationship, they're fiercely loyal and honest. They might be a bit possessive, but that also means that they're protective over their loved ones. Leos do tend to get their feelings hurt when they feel like their attention is not being reciprocated, so if you're interested, be sure to not let them chase you for too long before letting them know you're into them as well.

Libras love to flirt

If there's one thing Libras love, it's being in love. As one of the most flirtatious signs of the zodiac, the most fun part of a relationship for them is the beginning. They love the thrill of the chase — and they like being chased too! This air sign is all about harmony and beauty, but don't discount Libras as shallow. Intellect is important to them and witty banter is part of the thrill when they're pursuing their romantic interests.


Even if they're in a relationship, Libras still love the pursuit and don't like when things get stagnant, so they need to be kept on their toes. Because they're naturally flirty, Libras will try to charm everyone — from the grocery checkout clerk to their dentist. That doesn't mean they're seriously interested in them. Libras are people pleasers, and they just want everyone to be as happy as they are. Because this sign doesn't like conflict, they'll only pursue someone for so long before they move on to the next shiny thing.

Adventurous Sagittarius loves the thrill of the chase

Known as "the archer," the Sagittarius sign is a fierce warrior ready for any battle. Those born under this sign are outspoken and bold, with a penchant for saying whatever is on their minds. Sagittariuses are thrill-seekers that love new experiences, including meeting people. They're always ready for a challenge, which means they don't mind someone that plays hard to get. In fact, they thrive on it, so if you have your eyes on a Sag, keep them guessing for a long time.


Despite their seemingly flighty nature, Sagittariuses have a strong moral compass, which explains their need to speak the truth, no matter how harsh. This fire sign loves to wander, so don't keep them tied down or they'll get restless and bored. If you want to keep them interested, go on adventurous dates with them, but keep things casual. Let them do the chasing, and once they're ready to commit, be prepared to give them a long leash so that they're free to be their spontaneous selves.