The Bucket Tote Is The 2023 Handbag Trend You Need This Fall

If there is one bag that never seems to go out of style, it's the tote bag. It's indisputable — everyone's got a tote bag, from students toting their laptops and countless books in one (Mary Poppins deep) canvas tote to the experienced career woman who knows a sturdy leather tote is better than any briefcase. Classically cool and always handy, tote bags are simply the handbag that keeps on giving — or, at least, the handbag that keeps on holding all the stuff you accumulate. It's so good we can't help but reach for it year-round. While tote bags are certainly everyone's favorite, they don't always look the same, tending to shapeshift throughout the seasons.


This fall, you'll be hauling all of your essentials in the bucket tote bag, but what exactly is this style of tote bag? Well, combine the popular bucket bag from the 2010s and upgrade its shoulder strap to a thicker, sturdier one, and you've got yourself the perfect handbag. Think of Jane Birkin's beloved wicker basket but weather-proof for fall. Worn by influencers and celebs alike, the bucket tote was prepped to be the it-girl bag of fall 2023 by the likes of Katie Holmes and Devon Lee Carlson.

If you're curious to learn more about the bucket tote and how to style it, we've got all the looks.

The classic cream canvas tote

Creamy, undyed canvas totes are classic for a reason. Not only are they easy to come by — sometimes even showing up free of charge with unrelated purchases — but they are also the handiest, sturdiest bags you will ever own. It's a good thing you can get them in bucket shape because their convenient nature has been elevated to stylish status.


If you're wondering how to style these bags correctly, there's a trick — match it with your outfit. For example, wear your canvas bucket tote with matching cream pants, and accessorize with your favorite fall jacket.

The leather bucket tote

A good quality, sturdy leather purse is a fall closet staple. Now that it comes in bucket shape with a sturdy tote-like shoulder strap, it's been a game-changer. Now, we have not only the cutest fall accessory but also a functional and comfortable purse.


Plus, styling leather totes is easy. You can throw them on with any type of outfit, from streetwear to business casual. To get the effortless, cool-girl street-style look, simply wear any top-and-bottom combo, throw on some coordinating accessories and you're all set.

Crossbody leather bucket

In the same vein as the regular leather tote, we have the handy long-strapped leather bucket tote. Isn't she everything you've been wanting to elevate your fall fashion game? Casual yet undeniably cool, this trend is for everyone — brown and black leather lovers alike.


If you're searching for the perfect everyday handbag for fall, a leather bucket tote with a long strap is the way to go. Wear it crossbody style for the comfort of your shoulders and to put your new bag on display. Plus, your cozy sweater will protect you from any leather-on-skin chafing.

The mini bucket tote

If you're a bucket girl at heart but don't always want to lug around a regular-sized bucket tote bag for just the essentials — wallet, lip gloss, phone, hand sanitizer, and sunnies — then a mini bucket tote is the fall bag for you. This one you can hold like a regular handbag — in the crook of your arm or even your hand. No need for shoulder pain here.


Wear it with any outfit, just like you would any standard-sized bag. Our preferred way to style it for fall is alongside chunky sweaters and cozy slippers.

The woven bucket tote

You've probably already begun to notice the steady popularization of practical and timeless woven leather bags everywhere you go. Seemingly everyone from trendsetting celebrities, such as Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber, to your most stylish friends are wearing these handbags. You can also make the woven leather bucket tote work in your favor this fall. It'll look trendy while standing out, so go ahead and style your bucket tote with your favorite autumnal pieces.


Crossbody canvas tote

Canvas totes are, indeed, everything a streetwear lover could want from a handbag. What if we told you some canvas totes have straps long enough to wear crossbody? We know we just made your day with this bit of news, and we're equally excited. A long strap on a canvas tote is truly virtually unheard of, but by becoming one with bucket bags, canvas totes can now be worn across your torso — no pickpockets allowed!


Wear these crossbody canvas bucket bags with a thick sweater for style and to protect your chest from the strap.