The Skater Dress Is Officially Back - How To Style The '90s Staple

The circle skirt silhouette will be everywhere in fall 2023, so of course, skater dresses — the dress version of the skirt trend — are super trendy, too. As pleased as we are about the return of the skater dress, we aren't too surprised about the style resurgence, as many '90s fashion trends are coming back this year. The playful '90s minidress look is super cute, and social media users seem happy to see it return. At the time of writing, there are already over 142,000 posts dedicated to the hashtag #skaterdress on Instagram.

Moreover, curve fashion model and TikToker @presidentniki posted a video explaining why she loves skater dresses as much as she does. The model-slash-TikToker said, "You can never go wrong with a skater dress. You've got a nice waist, you've got a long flow, and you have a nice little up-here moment." We couldn't agree more, as these adorable minidresses are beautiful on all bodies, comfortable to wear, and convenient for styling.

Monochromatic black looks give '90s edge

How can you make an edgy ensemble with a skater dress? Opt for an all-black look. Consider wearing a black skater dress with black boots and a black purse for more of a goth — or at least edgier — spin on the playful silhouette for sleek and sophisticated '90s vibes.

Floral options are so girly

On the other hand, skater dresses with floral patterns are perfect for dainty, cutesy looks. If you plan to attend an event — such as a family function or brunch with friends — and want to look wholesome and sweet, you will never go wrong with a floral skater dress. You won't even need accessories, thanks to the lovely pattern.

Some necklines and sleeve types add instant sex appeal

Skater dresses typically appear more "cute" than "hot" because of their silhouettes — but that's not always the case. For instance, a skater dress with a sleeveless or halter design will add a more risqué touch to the outfit, as can a low neckline or sheer sections.

Add a statement purse for convenient dressy contrast

Anyone who wants to incorporate easy contrast into a solid-colored skater dress ensemble should add a statement purse to the outfit. For instance, a handbag with a bold cheetah print will help a pink skater dress stand out, making the look instantly more unique and dressy.

Long-sleeved options are ideal for fall

Skater dresses are typically perfect for the spring and summer seasons, but these dresses can also be excellent for fall outfits, depending on the sleeve type and length. For instance, a skater dress with long sleeves will be more practical for cooler fall weather than typical short-sleeved, strapless, halter, or sleeveless options.

Sneakers make skater dresses look casual-cute

Of course, heels and boots look beautiful with skater dresses, making the garments appear dressier. But if you want to go for the opposite approach and make your skater dress ensemble look more casual — but still cute — a fun pair of sneakers will do the trick.