Fun Ways To Style A Maxi Coat While Keeping With The Hottest Trends

The cold weather is the perfect time to bring out the outerwear trends taking over the fashion industry. While your classic trends like leather jackets and trench coats will always stay in style, there are also new designs that will alter the way we think about coats. Maxi coats are an exciting trend, combining ensembles with one draping piece. This hefty outerwear garment is ideal for fashion lovers in colder climates since it allows room for style but is still practical. While they might be heavy pieces to wear, they create a statement that will cement your overall style.

Although some prefer the sleek minimalist style, a maxi coat allows plenty of creativity for a maximalist moment, and designers like Zimmermann and Stella McCartney have showcased their love for the maxi coat trend. Regardless of which style suits you the best, maxi coats are the newest fashion trend that will occupy plenty of space in your closet. Styling is easy as long as you remember the look you're trying to go for and the large volume of the maxi coat.

Wear it with a slip dress

Slip dresses have become some of the latest breakout pieces in fashion, making them a no-brainer for your future looks. While covering up a slip dress with a maxi coat may seem counterproductive, these two garments are the perfect ode to '90s fashion. Slip dresses underneath maxi coats flow elegantly and allow for plenty of comfort since there's no constricting fabric. This combination is sleek and laidback but gives the perfect French-girl style for going-out looks.

Add color and prints

Dopamine dressing may seem like a past trend, but it's a growing movement within fashion. More people want to contrast the gloomy weather with bright colors and prints that can add a stylish juxtaposition to their day. Bring this concept to your maxi coat with a fun, bright color that will stand out against typical khaki trench coats. Issey Miyake's Fall/Winter 2023 collection showcased this trend well with colorful red maxi coats that created a high-fashion moment (via WWD). These small design choices can help bring darker looks to life and play off neutral tones well.

Quiet luxury hues

On the other hand, quiet luxury is another trend that seeks to alter your wardrobe. This sleek and minimalist style trend uses neutral and muted tones to give your closet more flexibility. Use neutral colors and soft hues like blue to make your coat more versatile. The benefit of these quiet luxury shades is that you can pair them with almost any other color and still get a stylish ensemble.

Barbiecore coats

"Barbie" may have premiered already, but this trend's not ending anytime soon. While some might be sick of the pink, this hue is an instant trend that gives plenty of glamour to your outerwear. You can't miss a vivid pink shade on your maxi coat, as the color and length make sure to snatch up all the attention. The Valentino Black Tie Fall/Winter 2023 show showcased this trend the best, with pink sequined maxi coats taking over the runway. This feminine touch on your maxi coat also works well with masculine silhouettes like tailored pants, giving you a fashionable contrast.

Textured coats

Sleek fabrics like leather and cotton can make for an understated look ideal for low-key outfits. However, adding statement textures like feathers, metallics, or embellishments can play up your maxi coat in a new way. Recently, Stella McCartney showcased how a fun textured animal-print maxi coat can be the stylish finishing piece that completes an entire ensemble. Leave your bold details for last, as these garments look best when they can stand out.

Rock the denim

We've seen how denim trends have taken over fashion every season, and the colder months are no exception. You can bring a casual touch to your looks with denim maxi coats. If you're looking to wear a maxi coat in a way that's optimal for your daily activities, you can't go wrong with structured denim. These pieces go with all your other details and can give you a chic Y2K or '90s 'fit.