All The Known Red Lipsticks Taylor Swift Has Worn Over The Years (& Where You Can Buy Them)

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These days, it's rare to see Taylor Swift without her signature red lips, but that wasn't always her go-to look when her career first took off. Back in 2006, when her eponymous album first came out, Swift was a fresh-faced teen who preferred nude lipstick and a soft smokey eye. However, when makeup artist Gucci Westman introduced the blond beauty to red lipstick for her 2009 Allure cover, she was hooked. "I remember I was the first one to give her a red lip," Westman told Elle Australia. "She'd never worn a red lip. When the red lip happened, I had to get permission by her mum." 


Since then, Swift has undergone a stunning style transformation, and red lips have become her iconic look, which she references in her lyrics — and even named an album after the color. The "Cruel Summer" singer doesn't just stick to one shade of red and has been seen sporting everything from warm hues to a classic blue-red. If you're wondering what brands Swift is a fan of and want to recreate her looks, let's dive deeper into all the lipsticks the pop star has been known to rock.

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl

NARS has been a staple in every makeup artist's kit since it was founded in 1994. The line debuted with just 12 lipsticks, and it's no wonder they're known for their rich, creamy hues. Taylor Swift is definitely a fan, and she revealed her fave shade in a 2014 video for MTV. "I have a lot of go-to's as far as red lipstick, but one that really can't go wrong is Dragon Girl by NARS," she shared. Swift then cheekily stated, "And also, I heard on the radio that Hilary Duff wore Luxembourg by NARS and so I bought Luxembourg by NARS. It's really good too."


Dragon Girl is a bright cool-toned red with a velvety, matte finish. The great thing about this lipstick being in pencil form is the precise application. No need for a lip brush — you can just swipe it on by carefully outlining your lips first and then filling them in. It goes for $27 and you can buy it directly from the NARS website, as well as from Ulta and Amazon.

Ruby Woo by MAC Cosmetics

If you're looking for a staple red lipstick, look no further than MAC's Ruby Woo. This blue-red shade has a knack for looking good on everybody, regardless of their undertones. Worn by celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Rihanna, Ruby Woo has also made its way into Taylor Swift's makeup bag. In a 2015 interview with People (via Teen Vogue), Tay Tay shared "[I] recently discovered Ruby Woo by MAC, which I think everyone knows is a staple. I was the last person to discover it." At $23 on MAC's site for the full size or $15 for a mini version at Ulta, Ruby Woo is super affordable. If you don't have it in your arsenal, don't be late to the game like Swift and get one ASAP.


The shade was created in the late '90s and still continues to be one of MAC Cosmetics' best-selling products. Ruby Woo was actually an accident — it was created while the company was trying to reformulate its other iconic shade, Russian Red, per Fashionista. During this process, they discovered a new formula. "And that's how Ruby Woo was born. The product development team really tried to match Russian Red ... But it was a little brighter and more dynamic, and it just became a standalone color," MAC's director of makeup artistry Gregory Arlt shared.

Pat McGrath Labs SatinAllure lipstick in Crimson Ecstasy

For those who know, Pat McGrath is the G.O.A.T. of makeup artistry. Her skilled hands have made up the faces of countless celebrities, including Taylor Swift. She reportedly wore the SatinAllure lipstick in Crimson Ecstasy by Pat McGrath Labs for the 2019 VMAs, while sporting a colorful power blazer by Versace and sparkly black Christian Louboutin over-the-knee boots. While the "Lover" singer usually goes for blue-reds, this shade leans toward the orange side, which matched the accents on her jacket. The warm shade is a nice pop of color for any skin tone, and it can be yours for $30 from Pat McGrath Labs and Sephora.


Back in 2012, Swift shared her secret for long-lasting lip color. "I swipe on my lipstick, place a tissue between my lips, and blot. Then, if I really need the color to last, I hold the tissue against my mouth and brush translucent powder over it, which sets the color," she told Redbook. As Swifties know, the "Blank Space" singer loves a nice matte finish!

Pat McGrath Labs LiquiLUST Legendary Wear Lipstick in Elson 4

There's a reason Taylor Swift keeps going back to Pat McGrath for her makeup. Not only is the worldwide artist highly in demand, but her makeup has proven to be red carpet and performance-worthy. Swift wore the LiquiLUST Legendary Wear Lipstick in Elson 4 for the 2022 VMAs, along with a full face of McGrath's makeup from her line. "TAYLOR-MADE BEAUTY. Surprise! I have been SO EXCITED about this!" the makeup artist announced on Instagram while sharing a snap of Swift's gorgeously made-up face and listing the products she used.


Swift wore the shade again in her music video for "Bejeweled" and during her Eras Tour, where her makeup didn't budge, rain or shine. The cool-toned shade is highly pigmented and leaves a bright red matte finish, ensuring that it won't fade even when you're singing for three hours in the pouring rain, as the "Shake it Off" singer proved, per Beauty Crew. Elson 4 sells for $34 at Sephora.