The Zodiac Signs That Are Total Homebodies

For some, a packed social calendar is a complete joy –- as well as the road to feeling a sense of vitality and excitement. For others, a cozy evening at home featuring their favorite comfort show or a fantasy romance novel is the ultimate good time. Add in a nice thunderstorm, scented candles, a soft blanket, and takeout, and they're in total bliss.


While many factors could contribute to the makeup of a homebody, we're willing to bet that the majority of them fall under a few zodiac signs. There's nothing wrong with being a homebody or an introvert and it doesn't mean they don't also enjoy socializing –- they just gain a lot of satisfaction from dwelling in the peace and comfort of their space more often than not. They aim to make their house a home, enjoy fulfilling friendships with a few who are near and dear to their heart, and likely pour themselves into their at-home hobbies. So, which zodiac signs are most likely to fit into this category?

Nurturing Cancer

You probably saw this one coming, and for good reason. Cancers are the maternal homebodies of the zodiac wheel and have an unmatched understanding of nurturing. These crabs excel in creating cozy spaces and finding a zen-like orientation to life within the home and hearth. "As a water sign, [Cancers] find comfort in the familiar surroundings of their own abode," Michelle Bell, founder of the astrology app Cosmic Fusion, told Bustle. "Home is not just a physical place for Cancers; it is a sanctuary where they can retreat from the outside world and recharge their emotional batteries."


If you have a Cancer in your life, you likely feel right at home in their living space -– almost like taking a trip to grandma's for a cozy reset. This is a place to unwind, be at ease, and gain clarity about what matters most in life. Water signs are deeply intuitive and these instincts flow into their physical surroundings as they design spaces that are soothing and regenerative –- just like bodies of water are.

Luxurious Taurus

Taurus, another astrological sign associated with home and comfort, inherently understands the life of a homebody like no other. This isn't due to a lazy stereotype, but rather because Taurus knows there's something replenishing and fulfilling about spending an evening in the living room with a great film, some wonderful food, and a close friend. Craving luxury, lounging around is a decadent experience for these bulls. Taurus' environment is bound to be highly sensual and pleasing to be in.


"Taurus is ruled by Venus — the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure — and as an earth sign, it's connected to appealing to the five senses," professional astrologer Tamerri Ater-Ntonni told PopSugar. "High-quality food, textures, music, and atmosphere can be the keys to winning a Taurus's heart." These Venusians are likely to decorate their homes with lots of fine fabrics, beautiful embellishments, and comfy chairs that invite ultimate relaxation.

Organized Capricorn

While Capricorn may not have the reputation of being soft and cuddly, these earth signs do value the security of home and manage their spaces like a CEO might. When a Capricorn is in charge, you can expect a well-organized, highly functional living environment. They are likely to spend a lot of time at home working on improvement projects.


These sea goats also tend to be quite private and exclusive. You won't learn much about the goings-on in a Capricorn's home from the exterior, but if they invite you in, you should know that you are of much importance to them. "You're only hanging out with a Capricorn if they genuinely like you," Aliza Kelly, celebrity astrologer and author, told USA Today. "Capricorns do not like to waste their time." Ambitious and big-picture-oriented, Capricorns keep their homes on the cutting edge with the latest technology for functionality and organization.

Spiritual Pisces

Another water sign, these dreamy fish tend to do a lot of emotional processing within the comfort of their homes. Pisces is also known to be one of the most spiritual signs of the zodiac, so the home and hearth are of great importance to them when it comes to having a haven for their spiritual practice, their sacred altars, and spaces for devotion. Pisces tend to absorb the energy of others and of stimulating environments, so they'll need to retreat into the safety and comfort of their homes to recenter and align themselves with their own truth.


Furthermore, Pisces are highly creative and artistic, often working on crafts at home such as painting, beading, or writing. "They are incredibly creative and love home projects that bring joy to others," forensic astrologer Valerie Evans told Yahoo. Pisces have big hearts and deeply value their loved ones, so you'll also likely find an emphasis on family wherever they reside.