Can You Gua Sha Your Way To More Defined Cheekbones?

Who doesn't want chiseled cheekbones that would give supermodels a run for their money? Though a desire for defined cheekbones is near universal, it's not easy to achieve them without spending tons of money on surgery or being skilled at makeup and knowing great tips like simple concealer hacks – that is, until now. Gua Sha, a beauty technique trending on social media promises fantastic results from the comfort of your home. Are these claims true? Can you actually Gua Sha your way to more defined cheekbones?

Nina Zilka, co-founder of Alder New York, tells Truly Beauty, "Gua Sha is particularly helpful for lymphatic drainage in our face because we don't move the muscles in our face all that much. The intentional movements of a facial massage will help move the lymph through the system and result in a more toned and sculpted appearance."

Hence, it seems this simple procedure has real benefits. But what exactly is Gua Sha? It is the name given to a beauty and wellness technique as well as the tool used in that technique. It originated centuries ago in ancient China where semi-precious stones were used to massage the face strategically. Sublime Life explains that, in Chinese, the term "Gua" means "to stroke or press," while the word "Sha" depicts the redness that would appear when the skin was scraped as a sign to show it was healing itself.

What are the benefits of Gua Sha?

In the present day, the Gua Sha technique isn't as harsh as it was when initially practiced in China. Instead, a smooth stone is fashioned into an instrument which can be rolled onto the skin easily to massage the important facial muscles while simultaneously activating the energy points on the face. When done correctly, this technique has many advantages. It encourages healthy blood circulation, helps to release tension stored in the facial muscles, and leads to lymphatic drainage, resulting in a lifted and brighter look devoid of puffiness.

Additionally, adding a Gua Sha massage to your beauty regime can help fight acne scars, as it encourages fresh blood flow to the affected area and also reduces the effect of dark circles while encouraging a natural glow to emerge. Most importantly, the Gua Sha technique helps to relieve the tension from the jawline, which, in turn, helps the cheekbones achieve a more defined look. It can also help rid us from the hated double chin.

How to Gua Sha correctly for best results

It's one thing to know about the benefits of this trending beauty technique but completely another to get it right so you see maximum results with a Gua Sha facial tool. The first step is to identify the areas of the face you're targeting. You can choose between the cheekbones, jawline, neck, and, perhaps, forehead if you are worried about wrinkles there.

Next, choose a Gua Sha tool made with the correct stone. Katie Werbowski, director of brand strategy and development at Skin Spa New York, recommends using one made of either pure jade or rose quartz, as cheaper variants can irritate the skin. She then shares the secret to using the tool correctly, recommending you add moisturizer or serum to your face and then move the Gua Sha parallel to your face while applying pressure evenly. Just make sure not to press too hard, as you don't want to damage the skin.

Moving the tool in an upward and outward direction will help with the flushing of the skin. Sarah, esthetician at Ayla Beauty, points out that she holds the Gua Sha at a 15-degree angle while pulling her skin taut. She repeats the movement three to five times per side for maximum results.