Sculpted Cheekbones Are Just A Simple Concealer Hack Away

For the past few years, contouring has dominated beauty routines, both online and in real life. Hollow cheekbones, button noses, and sharp jawlines are all possible with a bit of clever shading, but there's one major problem — it requires a lot of product to pull off the illusion. Heavy contour first became popular during an era of glitter cut creases and bold brows, but as we transition to more neutral, second skin makeup in popular culture, people are looking for a new, more natural-looking approach to their beloved sculpt.


That's where TikTok creator and makeup artist Alexandra Milek comes in. In a TikTok video that's now amassed over 15 million views, she showcases a new way to apply concealer that visibly lifts the face without the use of any contouring products. With this method, you could be out the door feeling sculpted in just a matter of minutes — no cakey foundation, contour sticks, or shading palettes necessary.

The new concealer placement

In her viral video, Milek demonstrates the commonly known way to apply concealer — a triangle under the eye — and contrasts it with a new, more lifting method. Instead of focusing a large amount of product directly under the eye, she instead hits four key spots: the inner corner, along the top of the cheekbone, by the side of the nose, and from the corner of the lips to under the cheekbone. After she blends both sides, it's obvious which adds more structure and sharpness to her face.


This method works almost like a reverse contour. When you go in with a darker concealer or contour stick, you focus on the areas that you want to look sunken or minimized, like the hollows of the cheeks. In this method, however, Milek is adding a lighter color to spots she wants to draw forward, like her cheekbones. This approach both conceals darkness under the eyes and adds dimension in one, meaning you won't have to reach for additional products.

What kind of concealer to use

To properly pull off this look, you need to reach for a concealer that's a bit lighter than your skin tone. If you want it to look natural, just go up a shade or two from the color you'd typically use to conceal blemishes. If it's too close to your natural skin, you'll get some coverage, but you probably won't achieve the desired lifting effect.


Beyond that, it's up to you. A common critique of this technique is that it doesn't require enough product under the eyes to properly cover dark circles, but if you're having this problem, try out something a bit more full coverage in the same placement. If you'd rather a my-skin-but-better look for everyday, stick to something glowy with medium coverage. After you apply, blend with a makeup sponge or brush, keeping the product focused in each area. When you're done, you'll have a natural-looking final product without the hassle of contouring products.