What Your Tenth House In Astrology Can Tell You About Your Place In The World

If you're familiar with astrology, even in a more vague sense, you've likely heard of the houses and know they hold some significance when it comes to decoding your personal cosmic thumbprint — or birth chart. While astrology sites can tell you which signs your houses fall under, you can also figure it out pretty simply if you know your rising sign — the sign that was ascending at the moment of your birth. Your rising sign will fall into your first house. From there, you can make your way around the zodiac wheel until you reach the last house, your 12th house. Each house represents a certain field of life that is influenced by particular energies of the planets and signs.


When it comes to the 10th house, we can predict what careers and lines of work we'd thrive in and the social status that will accompany our accomplishments professionally. Some say the 10th house represents our success against all odds. This is the space within the birth chart where your talents flow through effortlessly. "It's typically the space where we are connected to our highest aspirations, our highest potential, and where we can actually locate our strengths, gifts, and abilities given to us by God or the Universe as we understand it," Colin Bedell, an astrologer and author of QueerCosmos, told Well+Good.

The 10th house is ruled by industrious Capricorn

The earthy Capricorn influences in the 10th house relate to our ability to provide for our family and also the legacy we will leave behind, per AstroStyle. There is a masculine, father figure energy in the tenth house which can also speak to our sense of ambition and competitiveness. If you have planets in your 10th house, you may experience some of the influences more intensely, such as tradition, family life, long term goals, public persona, and success. Even if you don't have planets in the 10th house, it still holds significance in your birth chart.


If you happen to have Capricorn in your 10th house, then your professional life is likely a huge part of your identity. "Capricorn is the business person who puts on their suit and really enjoys their identity as a professional," Liz Tran, astrologer and founder of New York City-based corporate-wellness-coaching studio Reset, told Well+Good.

If you're at a crossroads professionally, look to your 10th house

It's common to arrive at a point in life where we long for work that's more fulfilling or perhaps aligns more clearly with who we are and what we stand for. This can happen at any stage, but is, of course, common in middle age. If you're craving a new direction in your work life and haven't a clue where to begin looking, check the 10th house in your birth chart.


Perhaps you've been working in communications, for example, often sitting in front of a computer screen, but find yourself craving something more tangible and solid. This could be due to having Taurus in the 10th house, where natives thrive when working with their hands and building security. Farming, hospitality, real estate, or the arts are all viable paths for Taurus in the 10th house. It's likely these individuals will flourish when working in alignment with the characteristics of Taurus in the 10th house. The same can be said of anyone working with their professional strengths, found in the 10th astrological house.