Here's What You Should Know Before Getting Barbie Botox

Summer 2023 became the season of Barbie inspo. For most of us, that meant dressing up in pink or trying out Barbie's iconic ponytail. For others, though, channeling the famous doll's vibes has meant getting a little work done at the doctor's office. Specifically, Barbie Botox has been on the rise, though the procedure — also known as "trap tox" because of its focus on the trapezius muscles — is nothing new.

"This is something that has been done for a couple decades now, but it got recently popularized for aesthetic purposes definitely in the last year," dermatologist Dr. Danilo Del Campo told USA Today in an August 2023 interview. Dr. Del Campo explained that Botox injected in the shoulder muscles keeps them from contracting, which prevents them from swelling or bulking up during exercise or everyday use. This means that the shoulders remain slim and relaxed, which can make the neck appear longer — sort of like a Barbie doll's.

Originally, trap Botox was found to treat headaches, neck pain, and muscle tension, according to a 2017 study published in The Journal of Headache and Pain. For those interested in getting Barbie Botox for strictly aesthetic reasons, there are several points to keep in mind.

The procedure is quick, but soreness can last for weeks

Even if Margot Robbie nailed her role as Barbie in the blockbuster "Barbie" movie, looking like a doll in real life isn't so easy. Likewise, mimicking Barbie's super slender neck won't happen overnight. "To really get that slimming effect, you need a lot of units [of Botox] and you need to be getting the treatment for a long time," Dr. Randa Jaafar, an anesthesiologist and pain specialist, revealed to E! News.

For those who don't mind, each round of injections is fairly straightforward. "We use an alcohol swab to sterilize the skin," Dr. Jaafar shared. "And we do three pokes on each side, and then we wipe it off and apply full pressure for a few minutes. That's it."

After, you'll likely notice some discomfort — in a TikTok clip, Van Cam, an aesthetic injector, notes that it's common to experience soreness "in areas you never even thought about" for three or four weeks after the injections. Then, you can expect the effects of Botox to last for around three to four months, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Is Barbie Botox worth it?

Altering your body — whether temporarily or permanently — is always a personal decision (that you should make alongside a well-trained professional, of course), but overall, Dr. Danilo Del Campo doesn't seem to believe Barbie Botox is worth the hype. "Myself, I'm not speaking for or against it, but it's one that does cost a lot of money for very subtle changes," Dr. Del Campo told USA Today. "Some people might find a value in it, but, in general, I try to approach people to just try other avenues."

Other doctors question the risks associated with the procedure. As Dr. Amy Wechsler, a dermatologist and psychiatrist, explained to People, the trapezius muscles should be functional to maintain proper posture and strength of the neck and back. "So it's not a good idea to completely knock this muscle out or make it too weak. That's not safe," she warned. In some cases, Botox could also stray from the shoulder muscles to other areas, cosmetic doctor Parisha Acharya revealed to CNN. "And especially if it's around the neck, that can be quite significant because it can affect your ability to hold your head up properly," Dr. Acharya added.

If you're still interested in getting Barbie Botox, be sure to consult a doctor who specializes in aesthetic injectables first. They can help you determine if the trendy procedure is a good fit for you and your expectations.