Sapphire Halo Engagement Rings Are The Royal '80s Trend Making A Comeback In 2023

Once upon a time in the 1980s, Prince Charles proposed marriage to Lady Diana Spencer. Diana — who was to become the icon known as Princess Diana — flashed her 12-carat sapphire-and-white gold engagement ring with a halo of 14 diamonds to the press, and the people rejoiced. Rather than using existing royal heirloom stones to create the ring, it was designed by Garrard, a mainstream jeweler. This would turn out to be the first of many times Diana turned her nose up at tradition. 

With the accessibility of sapphire engagement rings, royal fans were able to emulate the princess' ring design, and a trend was born. While sapphire halo engagement rings never disappeared in the decades that followed, they have experienced ebbs and flows in popularity. 

These days, the blue beauties are back in a big way, potentially due to the public's collective obsession with the new owner of Diana's ring: Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales. A jewelry expert from Shane Co. told The Loupe, "Our customers' interest in colored stones is rapidly increasing. Traditional blue, white and peach sapphires are three of our most requested-for engagement rings." Added the expert, "We can thank celebrities and royals ... for starting this trend and giving women the confidence to consider colored center stones for their engagement rings."

If you're in the market for an engagement ring, consider this gorgeous colorful option, one of the best alternative stones for a non-traditional engagement ring.

Dainty with diamonds

A sapphire halo engagement ring might be inspired by royals, but that doesn't mean it has to be over-the-top. Make your sapphire, band, and surrounding diamonds as dainty and tasteful as you'd like. Consider a pear-shaped sapphire for a slim shape that mimics the natural lines of your finger. 

Squarely sapphire

If you'd like a sapphire that takes up a little more real estate but still rides the line of subtlety, opt for a square-shaped stone. The wider surface area allows you to put more magnificent blue on display without swallowing up the length of your finger — perfectly squared manicure sold separately. 

Statement sapphire

Looking for a ring that makes a statement? There's no shame in going big — this is your engagement ring, after all. Request a sunburst halo, pictured above, and maximize the impact of your diamonds. Just try not to blind your friends and family when you show off your bling. 

Royally round

For those who prefer to rock a classic — over a fleeting — jewelry trend, you can't go wrong with a traditional round halo engagement ring. Neither the sapphire nor the diamond will upstage the other with this pairing. If you're all about balance, consider this elegant and classic design. 

Vintage charm

Prefer vintage charm over extravagance? Consider hunting for an antique sapphire engagement ring. Whether you choose an ornate gold or silver surround or a classic diamond halo, Old World glamour is hard to compete with. Giving a nod to royal history is fun, but don't forget to infuse your choice with your own unique personality as well.