Margarine Yellow Is The New Neutral Color Trend For Fall 2023 - How To Style It

Fall 2023 is about working for minimal trends to create a luxurious-looking outfit. The quiet luxury trend is heralding this movement, using silky fabrics with neutral hues to create a capsule wardrobe that works the entire season. Celebrities like Sofia Richie have pushed this trend, and it's now being seen everywhere, from the runways to street style. For fall 2023, designers like Miu Miu — known for its trendy pieces — opted for minimal outfits that look expensive.

Although many of those on board with the quiet luxury trend will reach for only neutrals, color can also help give you the luxurious feel you're looking for. The key is using desaturated hues that intelligently add a hint of color. Giving you a more dynamic look, colors like margarine yellow can be just as versatile as any other neutral hue. Instead of a flat fall wardrobe, inject shades like margarine yellow to give your closet more liveliness and glam. Margarine yellow is different than most yellow hues, as it's a creamier shade that leans more toward the beige side of the color wheel. While still yellow, its desaturated characteristics are the perfect alternative to cream or beige. It still gives you a hint of color to make your ensemble seem more modern and fresh.

Margarine outerwear

Outerwear is a must-have for the fall season, and it would be a shame not to integrate your new favorite hue. Margarine yellow coats, jackets, and blazers are a soft pop of color that combines the entire look. Besides adding color to your ensembles, a yellow piece will help bring some warmth to your fall wardrobe. Take it from Jil Sander, who turned the shade into a luxurious buttoned coat that stands out from the crowd.

Head-to-toe color

The best way to dive into a trend is by going in head-first. Margarine yellow isn't overwhelming, meaning it's easy to pull off in a head-to-toe outfit. Use two-piece sets or dresses to rock this color, and watch how it adds a touch of luxury to your overall fall wardrobe. As per WWD, Maryam Nassir Zadeh showcased this beautiful shade in two-piece outfits that gave all the quiet luxury feels but with a modern twist.

Yellow silks and satin

Silk and satin fabrics are accessible materials if you want that luxurious style. Not only do they drape beautifully, but their sheen automatically makes them seem expensive. Pairing these materials with a buttery color like margarine yellow emphasizes the look and gives the ultimate quiet luxury look. JW Anderson combined the two for its spring collection, creating a beautiful, ethereal fashion moment.

Buttery bottoms

You must incorporate margarine yellow into your bottom pieces to keep on trend with the refined fashion moment. Trousers and slacks are preferred to increase sophistication and get a more tailored look. However, Bottega Veneta has also shown how the margarine yellow can elevate even a maxi skirt for your fall wardrobe, per Vogue.

Contrasting colors

By mixing with darker colors or neutrals, the yellow tint can genuinely shine and add an interesting visual contrast. Although quiet luxury is about keeping the boldness to a minimum, the distinction between margarine yellow and other colors can help keep your outfit lively while retaining its luxury. Deveaux's combination of margarine yellow and grey is a clear example of how well this shade plays with your other neutral pieces, via WWD.

Creamy accessories

Anyone still on the fence about incorporating color into their quiet luxury-inspired fall wardrobe must take a cue from Bally's Spring/Summer 2023 accessories. Margarine yellow accessories are a gorgeous shade for your handbags, shoes, or other accessories, as they still deliver that hint of color without messing with your outfit rotation. If styling colors is too much for your wardrobe, slip in an accessory that gives you a feel for the trend.