The Most Important Handbag Trend For The Quiet Luxury Look

Quiet luxury is much more than just luxurious products or designer items. This trend is all about mimicking the style of the wealthy, even if you are on a budget. The style is one of the latest fashion trends on social media, made popular thanks to celebrities like Gwenyth Paltrow and Sofia Richie Grainge. While some aspects of the craze, like slacks and blazers, are common knowledge to most, there are more subtle details to be aware of. The trick with nailing quiet luxury is to keep in the mindset of "less is more," and that's especially true when it comes to handbags, which can make or break the aesthetic.

Handbags should be simple and plain if you want them to properly round off your luxurious appearance. While small iconic details are inevitable to give away the brand's name, opting for handbags with no logo or motif is best. Although logomania was everywhere a few seasons ago, it isn't welcome in this quiet luxury world. The benefit of this handbag trend is that it doesn't require splurging on a designer product; just a simple clean bag is enough to give you this luxurious look.

Sleek lines

Handbags in peculiar shapes may be appealing to those looking for unique pieces. However, the purpose of quiet luxury is for items to become timeless and useable year after year. These logo-free and simple handbags all contain effortless shapes and designs. No matter the color or material, these handbags will still be on-trend the following year. Since quiet luxury is about investment in quality goods, these straightforward designs are the prime way of adopting this luxury trend into your collection.

Simple accents

Although the shapes and designs are effortless, this doesn't mean they don't contain accents in one way or another. Whether through color or an even more subtle detail, these handbags flawlessly execute the quiet luxury trend in a modern way. Lowe's Puzzle bag was one of the best examples of fusing personality and quiet luxury, showcased during the brand's Fall/Winter 2016 show

Organic materials

This trend doesn't care for eccentric materials and designs, and some of the best quiet luxury handbags are those that are organically sourced. Organic materials in your purse give the accessory more texture and warmth without using prints or designs. These materials are subtle but still manage to make a statement year after year. No matter the trends, you can count on materials like straw and rattan to continue stealing the show.

The Bottega effect

Bottega Veneta has the trend perfected for quiet luxury bags that still have flair to them. With its iconic crisscross leather aspect, Bottega is a prime example of how having a sleek design is more than enough to showcase your luxury taste. Without the need for a logo, it's clear at first sight when you see a Bottega bag. This factor is vital in the quiet luxury aesthetic, incorporating details that reveal the handbag's luxury rather than a logo.

Importance of hardware

Without logos plastered on it, your handbag needs at least one accent to set it apart. This is where the hardware comes in. Hardware can help elevate a simple bag without faltering on your quiet luxury vibe, whether with a latch, lock, or shoulder detail. Opt for gold hardware for a more timeless look, while silver metal can provide a more modern vibe. Don't go too far with your metal; keeping it low-key and subtle is still vital for this trend.