The Bottega Effect Is Making Sleek, Novelty Handles The Biggest Bag Trend Of The Season

If there's a brand that knows a thing or two about handbags, it's Bottega Veneta. The luxury brand has not only become known for its unique and sleek designs but also its colors. There's no doubt that Bottega Green was a trend that skyrocketed the brand into becoming a household name. Although Bottega Veneta is most known for its braided leather clutch and the impact it's made on handbag design, another handbag trend can be directly traced to the luxury brand: the rise of the novelty handle.

While many bags typically extend their designs to their handles without much extra thought, Bottega has started a new trend that's all about giving the handles extra flair. Made of different materials and shapes, the bag handle is the newest accessory which has become a hot summer handbag trend. For those looking for a sleek and timeless design, a unique handle can add some style to your look without getting too trendy. Many bags are often discarded after a season or two since they typically lack longevity. With sleeker designs and fun novelty handles, Bottega Veneta and other luxury brands are extending the life of the handbag while giving us another accessory at our disposal.

Metal handles

The easiest way to get a more glamorous handbag is to opt for one with a metal handle. Metal handles are sleek and timeless in design and work with almost any outfit, so you can match the metal handle with your jewelry for a cohesive look. Metal handles also add structure to your bag, giving a chic, modern look. Whether silver or gold, you can't go wrong with a touch of metal.

Wooden handles

Wooden handles are no stranger to handbags. Often used in summer-inspired handbags, wooden handles can give your bag extra texture and design. Apart from being a unique and sleek detail, wooden handles also add warmth to your look, especially when paired with an edgier outfit. Although a summer staple, wooden handles can be worn year-round as a soft detail for your bags.

Transparent handles

With the rise of Y2K fashion trends, we have seen more clear and resin accessories used in everyday outfits. Transparent handles are a subtle way to invoke this trend into your accessories, without being too obvious. They are modern and chic, giving your look an extra unique detail. These clear handles are also a smart way to ensure that all eyes remain on the design of your purse.

Braided handles

While different materials add a unique visual aspect to your handbags, a braided feature gives added texture, just one of the hot handbag trends for summer 2023. Whether made of straw, metal, or another material, a braided handle dresses up your bag in a unique way. Not only is a braided handle a fun twist, but it gives you the same benefit that wearing a bracelet would.

Abstract handles

Abstract shapes and designs aren't reserved for just your nails or artwork; they're now a part of your closet. These abstract handles are a direct effect of the novelty handle trend, as they add a fun twist to your accessories. Abstract handles have no particular shape or design. Regardless of how you sport a bag with a funky handle, you can't go wrong.