The 5 Best Skincare Headbands For A Mess-Free Routine

If you wash your face without first putting on a cute and absorbent headband to keep your hair dry, did you really even wash your face? If beauty and skincare influencers are any indication, a skincare headband is an absolute necessity for completing a modern skincare routine of any size or complexity. Certain shapes or materials seem to sneak their way into the videos of content creators until full-blown trends surrounding the simple skincare headband emerge.


Right now, bubble headbands are in. In a couple of months, we could see a return to the classic elastic-closure terry cloth spa headband or a brand-new trending design altogether. If you tend to take a lot of joy in the small things in life, finding the perfect skincare headband might be an ideal pursuit of the moment for you. We've put together a curated list of the best skincare headbands around the web, so you can skip right to the fun part — filming the latest trending skincare routine for your YouTube channel. 

How we selected products

A skincare headband isn't a necessity, but it's one of life's small luxuries that makes your daytime and nighttime routines more convenient. This doesn't mean, however, that all headbands should be considered interchangeable. Everything from your budget to your sensory preferences and your hair density can weigh in when deciding which skincare headband is the best one for you — and then you have to dig through the many, many options on the market.


We thought of all the necessary considerations that could go into choosing the right skincare headband for each individual and then did all the online digging for you. Materials, product descriptions, price points, and consumer reviews were all considered in the process of choosing the products that have been included on this comprehensive list of the best skincare headbands money can buy. If you somehow haven't taken the plunge into using a skincare headband yet, come on in — the water's fine. 

Best overall skincare headband: MUZOXEN Spa Headband

Let's be clear: The MUZOXEN Spa Headband is one of many dupes for the headband by Versed that started the bubble headband trend on social media. However, we believe this version of the trend is softer, cuter, and more reasonably priced. It comes with two ultra-soft wristbands to keep water from dripping up your arms while washing your face and it still only costs a small fraction of the original's price. It features a sponge lining and a terry cloth/velvet blend for the ultimate in both softness and absorbency. 


Purchase the MUZOXEN Spa Headband at Amazon for $6.99.

Best plush skincare headband: Shintop Spa Headband

Next up in unbelievably comfy Amazon finds is the adorably plush Shintop Spa Headband. This wide, stretchy, and cushy skincare headband features a coral fleece base and a large, super cute bow that's as aesthetically pleasing as it is useful for catching water splashes before they hit your hair. According to its 4.6 Amazon rating with over 9,000 reviews, this skincare headband is a holy grail item for those who value squishy, plush comfort items in their everyday routines. It's also one of the few options that come in black. 


Purchase the Shintop Spa Headband at Amazon for $5.99. 

Best skincare headband for curly hair: Dr. Loretta Satin Skincare Headband

If you happen to have curly, coily, coarse, or very dry hair, grippy materials like terry cloth can be a nightmare to deal with. Using a simple terry cloth headband to wash your face could end up in tangles, knots, and even hair breakage for some hair types. The answer? A satin skincare headband. This luxurious satin headband will slide over even the coarsest hair without a single snag. While it does come with a steeper price point, preserving your delicate strands is worth the investment. 


Purchase the Dr. Loretta Satin Skincare Headband at Dr. Loretta for $24.

Best absorbent skincare headband: Scünci Prep Terry Headband

For those who are more concerned about truly preserving their hairstyle while washing their face, Scünci Prep Terry Headband is a soft, ultra-absorbent terry cloth skincare headband option that's reminiscent of a spa day. While the crisp white color and classic material keep the headband simple, the turban-style twist gives it just enough visual interest to make a statement. If you're a traditional, no-nonsense type who appreciates a timeless classic and a completely dry head of hair, this is the skincare headband for you. 


Purchase the Scünci Prep Terry Headband at Ulta for $10.

Best skincare headband for thick hair: Kitsch Extra Wide Spa Headband

When you have super thick hair, an average-sized skincare headband just isn't going to effectively hold back your locks while you wash your face. Instead, you'll end up with a cute accessory that lets your many layers of hair fall over it and end up wet — after you just spent an hour blow-drying them. What you need is the Kitsch Extra Wide Spa Headband. This extra-soft, stretchy headband is wide enough to cover even the thickest hair without spillage. As one verified buyer raves, "The spa headband is perfect! It keeps all my hair away from my face for a good wash." What more could you need? 


Purchase the Kitsch Extra Wide Spa Headband at Kitsch for $10.