The 10 Best Makeup Brush Sets For An MUA-Worthy Look

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They may not be as eye-catching as creamy blushes or sparkling eyeshadows, but makeup brushes can make or break your look instantly. A subpar makeup brush can leave you with streaky, uneven coverage when blending your makeup. On the other hand, using high-quality makeup brushes can help prevent creasing and give a flawless, airbrushed effect to your face. If you're guilty of purchasing luxury makeup but skimping when it comes to your tools, this is your sign to upgrade your brush collection. Sure, cotton swabs and fingertips can get the job done — but using the proper brush is crucial for graphic eyeliner, perfectly blended eyeshadow, and natural-looking coverage.


Depending on your lifestyle and budget, you have plenty of options for selecting new brushes. Traditional makeup brushes can feature animal hair, prized for its softness, but these days, you're more likely to encounter brushes with synthetic bristles made from materials like nylon. Different shapes, materials, and even handles can make a huge difference in your overall makeup application, creating crisp lines or softening harsh edges with ease. So, are you ready to put down the sponge-tip applicators and breathe new life into your look? Let's take a glimpse at our guide to the best makeup brush sets available today.

How we selected the best makeup brush sets

Some consider full glam a daily affair, while others take a more minimalistic approach to makeup. A select few among us reach for the same brush shape over and over each time they get ready. The perfect makeup brush set may mean something different to everyone, so we've included a variety of options to suit just about anyone's needs.


To build our list of the best makeup brush sets you can buy, we began by choosing products we've personally used with great success. These brushes are soft, durable, and easy to use — plus, we're confident they can last you years with the correct care. You can enjoy them even longer by washing your brushes frequently and allowing them to dry thoroughly before each use.

After including some of our all-time favorite picks, we researched dozens of other brushes — and blenders — to cover the bases at any budget, making note of online reviews and product descriptions. Whether you're hunting for a compact collection or a fully-packed brush roll fit for a pro, you're sure to find your new favorite makeup brush set on our list. 


Best overall makeup brush set: Spectrum x Katie Jane Hughes 25 Piece Makeup Brush Set

It doesn't matter if you're revamping your makeup brush collection or buying for a friend — the Spectrum x Katie Jane Hughes 25 Piece Makeup Brush Set is sure to satisfy any beauty lover. This stunning olive green collection features brushes made with synthetic, cruelty-free bristles and even comes with a vegan leather case.


The Katie Jane Hughes Makeup Brush Set has everything you need to create the looks of your dreams, and customers can't get over how well they perform. "The quality is incredible, they wash so well and are just as perfect today as the day I bought them! Super soft bristles, and the brushes are so beautiful too!" writes one Spectrum fan. Once you feel the silky touch of these cream-colored brushes, you won't ever want to reach for anything else.

Purchase the Katie Jane Hughes 25 Piece Makeup Brush Set from Spectrum for $178.

Best budget makeup brush set: e.l.f. 19 Piece Makeup Brush Set & Roll

Not looking to spend a pretty penny, yet still want to feel your best? Not to worry — that's where the e.l.f. 19 Piece Makeup Brush Set & Roll comes in. That's right, this budget brush set bears a whopping 19 pieces, and reviewers say the quality of the assortment is truly top-notch.


If the idea of a 19-piece brush set sounds intimidating, you can breathe easily with e.l.f.'s handy accompanying guide. "These brushes are amazing! They are soft, and I like how there is a description of what each does since I am not a professional," says one e.l.f. fanatic. From blurring powder brushes to detailed eyeshadow brushes, the e.l.f. Makeup Brush Set & Roll will help you tackle any makeup tutorial without dropping a fortune on expensive makeup brushes.

Purchase the 19 Piece Makeup Brush Set & Roll from e.l.f. for $40.

Best luxury makeup brush set: BK Beauty Luxury Makeup Brush Set

Maybe you want to really treat yourself — or a lucky loved one — with some of the best makeup brushes on the market. If so, opt for the BK Beauty Luxury Makeup Brush Set, a 16-piece collection of absolutely gorgeous, buttery-soft makeup brushes.


BK Beauty's Luxury Makeup Brush Set is rated five stars across the board, and it's easy to see why fans of the brand are so in love with this kit. These brushes are beautiful, replete with glossy red handles, and they can take your makeup application skills to new heights. According to scores of customers, this ultra-luxe release won't give you buyer's remorse. "Hands down the best brushes I have EVER used! Super soft and luxurious! I was hesitant at first because it is a splurge, but definitely worth it!" said one BK Beauty user.

Purchase the Luxury Makeup Brush Set from BK Beauty for $325.

Best travel makeup brush set: Sigma Beauty Essential Travel Brush Set

Want to look great without carrying extra weight on your next trip? Enter Sigma Beauty's Essential Travel Brush Set, a compact 7-piece collection perfect for globetrotting glamour. Forget about jamming your oversized brushes into too-small bags or grabbing flimsy tools from the drugstore during your next adventure — Sigma's sharp Travel Brush Set can help minimize stress while prepping for travels.


Travel-sized brushes can be iffy, but the brushes contained in this collection are of the highest quality. The brush fibers are also antimicrobial, so you don't have to worry if you get a little lazy with the brush washing on your next vacation. So, what do Sigma reviewers think about them? "I purchased this set almost 3 years ago, and I still use these brushes daily! This is a PERFECT set, especially for traveling," writes one.

Purchase the Sigma Beauty Essential Travel Brush Set from Target for $73.99.

Best essentials makeup brush set: Sephora Collection Essential Face Brush Set

If you find yourself reaching for the same handful of products each day to create your signature look, chances are you don't need a brush set with all the bells and whistles included. The Sephora Collection Essential Face Brush Set is our pared-down pick for those seeking quality over quantity.


This sleek, minimalistic brush set is considered a holy grail for many Sephora shoppers, who rave about the softness of the brand's brushes. "These sephora brushes with the grey handles are the BEST! Perfect to add to my collection!" raved a fan. Whether you just want a pop of blush or some full-face freshness, this modest brush set is bound to be your new best friend.

Purchase the Sephora Collection Essential Face Brush Set from Sephora for $39.

Best makeup brush set for face: Sonia G. Pro Face Set

Ask any seasoned beauty fan about their favorite brushes, and Sonia G. will likely come up in the conversation. When it comes to supersoft, elegant brushes crafted for the face, few sets can compare with the Sonia G. Pro Face Set. With just five brushes, Sonia G. has changed the game regarding priming, concealing, and covering.


These Japanese-made tools feature natural saikoho goat hair, lending an incredibly soft feel and allowing for the most precise makeup application. If you have any doubts about their ability to provide your complexion with a flawless finish, just look at their reviews. "I am a brush fanatic and own hundreds of handmade brushes from every brand ... and Sonia G's brushes are by far the best," notes one happy customer.

Purchase the Sonia G. Pro Face Set from Beautylish for $280.

Best makeup brush set for eyes: Morphe Vegan Pro 5-Piece Eye Brush Set

The eyes have it, and no one knows this better than Morphe. The celebrated beauty brand has done it again with the Morphe Vegan Pro 5-Piece Eye Brush Set. No matter how simple — or complex — your go-to eye makeup is, you can confidently rock it using this handy kit. The set has five chic brushes to help you build virtually any look, from an elaborate glitter cut crease to a smoky cat eye.


Beauty lovers everywhere know about Morphe's reputation for creating excellent brushes, and the 5-Piece Eye Brush Set is no exception. For further proof, glance at what this brush set's loyal users have to say. "There's a brush of every size and shape so you can create complete, detailed eye looks that are sure to turn heads! I also love how the brushes are different sizes and [thicknesses]," one writes.

Purchase the Vegan Pro 5-Piece Eye Brush Set from Morphe for $32.

Best makeup brush set for beginners: Sonia Kashuk Essential Collection Complete Makeup Brush Set

Do you know someone just getting into makeup or practicing their skills? Consider picking up the Sonia Kashuk Essential Collection Complete Makeup Brush Set, which will delight everyone from newbies to pros, thanks to its remarkable brushes that make blending makeup a breeze. Not only are they easy on the eyes, but each golden brush inside this set is also vegan and cruelty-free.


A brush set rarely receives a near-perfect rating with fans, but this 10-piece collection has done just that. Hundreds of customers are overjoyed with their Sonia Kashuk Brush Set, praising everything from its functionality to its value. "These brushes are high quality for a reasonable price. They are also beautiful. I have Chanel brushes, and I grab for these instead," remarks one.

Purchase the Sonia Kashuk Essential Collection Complete Makeup Brush Set from Target for $40.

Best makeup brush set to gift: IT Cosmetics Beautiful Together Flawless Finish 3-Piece Makeup Brush Set + Case

You could just grab any old brush set to gift to your friends and family, or you could impress them with the IT Cosmetics Beautiful Together Flawless Finish 3-Piece Makeup Brush Set + Case. This festive assortment of brushes comes with its very own stylish brush case featuring vivid illustrations from artist Ana Jaks.


Yet this set's good looks aren't its only charming attribute — IT Cosmetics' brushes are known for being superb at what they do. That's because IT Cosmetics crafts its products with expert opinions in mind, from plastic surgeons to dermatologists. Judging by the reactions of those who've tried the brand's Makeup Brush Set, it's a winning strategy. "I highly recommend this brush set," wrote a fan. "The foundation brush is excellent, blends like a dream and I really like the little bag they come in too."

Purchase the Beautiful Together Flawless Finish 3-Piece Makeup Brush Set + Case from IT Cosmetics for $59.

Best beauty blender brush set: Beautyblender Enchanted Beauty Essentials Beauty Blender Set

Although not technically brushes, beauty sponges function similarly — and we would be remiss not to mention them. It's incredible what the original Beautyblender can do for your makeup, from blurring pesky lines and creases to smoothly applying concealer and foundation. The possibilities are endless, whether used alone or paired with your favorite brushes — and there's no better set than the Beautyblender Enchanted Beauty Essentials Beauty Blender Set to experiment with.


This colorful Beautyblender collection contains the classic Beautyblender makeup sponge in pink and cranberry red, as well as a green Bio Pure sponge made from renewable sugarcane. Each adorable blender is latex-free, ergonomically friendly, and reusable. And cleaning your makeup sponges has never been easier since this merry set comes with two solid sponge cleansers and a silicone scrub mat to boot.

Purchase the Beautyblender Enchanted Beauty Essentials Beauty Blender Set from Sephora for $50.