Supermodel Layers Are The '90s-Inspired Hair Trend For Fall 2023

The '90s haven't just taken over our fashion and beauty trends, but have also been coming for your hair. With everyone obsessed with getting the chicest trends from this era, it's no wonder why the supermodel era has also returned. With inspirations like Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford, there are plenty of '90s-era supermodels to take a cue from. One of the biggest inspirations these supermodels gave us was their luxurious-looking hair. With hair that seemed to float and bounce with each step, it's easy to see why everyone is suddenly loving this look again.

While the main factor to consider when opting for this trend is your hair's health, there are a few factors to consider before heading to the salon. Aspects like layers and face-framing pieces are critical if you want to mimic the hair of these legendary models. Before you choose your favorite cut, you'll want to consider how long or short you want to keep your hair. Although we're used to seeing the '90s supermodels with long, luxurious hair, there's no reason why you can't rock this look with short to medium-length hair.

Face-framing layers

One of the most iconic aspects of the supermodel hair of the '90s was the addition of face-framing pieces. While these pieces have been coming back recently as curtain bangs, it's the most notable part of this layered trend. The face-framing details add movement to your hair and create a more defined structure around the face, making it an ultra-sweet but high-fashion way of giving it some style.

The butterfly haircut

Getting the blowout look of the '90s is only possible when adding these supermodel layers to your hair. An easy trend that mimics this style is the butterfly haircut. L'Oreal describes these bangs as a layered cut that gives you face-framing details with longer cascading layers. This cascading motion gives the illusion of more movement, creating that runway-ready hair.

Blowout hair

Everyone knows that the bombshell hairstyle is one of the most iconic of the '90s. Models like Cindy Crawford coined these hairstyles to create voluminous looks, often swept over to one side. The high impact with extreme volume creates a larger-than-life hairstyle that is perfect for the runway. The key to getting this look is longer layers that quickly sweep over to one side without falling apart.

The lob

While longer hair is a symbol of the '90s, the lob is also an example of getting supermodel hair. The lob, or long bob, is chic and a perfect way of adopting the supermodel layers with shorter-length hair. Ending the hair length below the chin but above the shoulders by adding layers can help give your hair texture, volume, and movement.

Concave layers

Concave layers are becoming more prominent, especially on social media. According to All Things Hair, concave layers are simply the art of leaving shorter layers on top and longer layers towards the ends. This cut can remove that weight for those with heavier hair while still creating movement and texture. The concave layer is the perfect place to start if you want a supermodel-layered haircut but don't want an extreme cut.

Choppy layers

Texture and movement are vital for getting the ultimate supermodel hair. The easiest way to get this is through choppy layers. This type of layers tends to come with blunt edges with an asymmetrical cut. This randomized layer gives the hair more volume and helps to provide you with a chic, messy look. The more texture your hair has, the more it will bounce while you strut.