Trendy Star Makeup Looks That Are Out Of This World

Out-of-the-box beauty trends are going strong — like faux freckles, for example — but makeup lovers are taking it up a notch with star makeup. Creating stars on your face with makeup or using celestial stickers is a fun festival makeup look that you can recreate, whether you're going to Coachella or simply want to amp up your daytime makeup.

And the looks don't have to be ultra-showy. For a soft, ethereal take on this trend, you can apply clusters of confetti stars all around your eyelids. TikTok user @xsonikax used a star stencil to make an outline with black eyeshadow and drew smaller stars around the eyes with a black liquid liner.

With star makeup, you're not limited to just one size or look. You can experiment with rounded corners and interlink stars to create a galaxy-like look. Feeling bold? Try neon shades to brighten up your face. Use a combination of shadows, pencils, and liquid liners for different effects. And for added sparkle, glue on some rhinestones or dust a sprinkle of glitter over your star makeup. Whatever you decide, you'll be sure to make this star makeup trend your own.

Black stars are the perfect accent to ethereal makeup

Are you done applying your pretty shimmery makeup but feel like something is missing? Add a smattering of stars along your cheekbones and the sides of your temples. For extra precision, use a liquid liner with a felt tip or a gel eyeliner and a thin, pointed brush. Create different-sized stars so they're not so uniform — just like the nighttime sky. Don't forget to dust some setting powder over them so that they don't smudge.

Neon pink and green stars are otherworldly

Neon makeup is hot in the spotlight at the moment — and we want it to stay that way. Keep the trend going with pastel pink eyeshadow topped with neon green stars. For this fun look, don't worry so much about getting the stars to look even. Fix any mistakes by outlining the edges and cleaning up the lines with concealer. Rhinestone details can be added on by using eyelash glue and tweezers.

Graphic stars and lines are very pop art

You can look like you stepped right out of a pop art poster with white stars and super-precise black eyeliner. Soft, rosy pink eyeshadow adds just the right touch of color around the eyes and cheeks. This look calls for super steady hands — if you need help drawing on the stars, try using stencils to outline them with black liner. After making sure it's dry, gently peel the stencil off with tweezers and then fill in the center with white eyeshadow. Use the black liner to create freeform lines around the stars.

Rainbow stars are so adorbs

Your face is your palette, so get as creative as you want with a banner of stars across your nose and eyes. You'll want a variety of colorful eyeshadows for this look, so dig deep through your makeup bag. Start by using a star stencil above your eye and shading around it. Ensure the shadow blends seamlessly from one star to the next as you make your way across your face — and don't forget to add tiny gems for extra oomph.

Rock on with a big red star

If you were a fan of the '80s animated series "Jem," then you're going to love this star makeup look. To recreate this, outline four points of the star with a red pencil and smudge the color inward into a light fade. If you have red eyeshadow, lightly fill in the center with a soft, fluffy brush. Smudge some purple eyeliner on, and you'll be looking like one of the Holograms.

Create your own little galaxy on your eyelids

We're totally star-struck over this cosmic eye makeup. Brush glittery, lilac shadow all over your lids and add a cat-eye with purple liquid liner. Using the same liner, create four-sided stars along the outer corners of your eyes and right below your brow bone. Mimic shooting stars with some swirly lines and add some outlines with a white liquid liner, as well as some strategically placed dots. For a finishing touch, glue on some rhinestones and pop on a pair of falsies.