The Makeup Trick That Will Give You The Best Faux Freckles Ever

Makeup gives us the power to reimagine ourselves, enhance our features, and express our creativity. However, some of us who grew up with childhood dreams of wanting to be Merida from "Brave" with her red hair and that spattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks. Now, you can actually have them. Freckles, also known as ephelides, are small, flat spots of pigment that occur on the skin. They are harmless and can become more pronounced during/after sun exposure (via WebMD). For many people who grew up with freckles, the sudden love for the feature may seem confusing and maybe years too late. While some people born with freckles discuss growing up hating theirs — being pressured to cover them up with makeup and only embracing them later in life — the consensus is that freckles are beautiful and should never be covered (via L'Officiel).


On TikTok, which is home to the tons of hacks that make our makeup better, Paris-based makeup artist and content creator Frenchtouchofmakeup shared her technique on how to create the most natural-looking faux freckles in the history of faux freckles. Not only is the hack inexpensive, but it's also quick and easy. And Here's what you need to do.

Liquid eyeliner is the key to faux freckles

From henna to freckle pens, we have seen and used many kinds of pigments to create the faux freckles of our dreams (via the Independent). While some of these techniques may work, the downside is that they may not have that natural look. And the last thing you want for your freckles is for them to look fake. Yes, they're faux freckles, but we don't want that to be obvious. Luckily, Frenchtouchofmakeup's TikTok technique guarantees you control over the intensity and the position of the freckles as well as makes it easy to blend for that no-makeup makeup feel.


All you'll need to start is liquid eyeliner. Apply tiny dots haphazardly onto your middle and ring fingers using the eyeliner. To achieve the natural look you're going for, your eyeliner should be in a color similar to but darker than your skin tone. Imagine the pattern of the freckles you want, whether multiple dots for that clustered look or spaced-out dots for that barely-there effect, and apply accordingly. The choice is entirely yours, and you can mix it up each day. You can even outline specific patterns of things that are important to you or create holiday-themed looks, for example.

Setting spray adds a touch more magic

After applying the dots to your fingers, it's time to transfer the dots onto your face. Spritz a bit of the best setting spray in your stash over the dots on your fingers and press lightly onto your face to transfer them (via TikTok). To add to an already genius hack, Renée Loiz, a makeup artist and the owner of Color May Vary, says to dab the dots wherever you have blemishes on your face to cover them (via Women's Health). Who doesn't want a hack that can perform several different miracles? 


On your cheekbones, across the bridge of your nose for that sun-kissed effect, upward toward your eyes: you can transfer the dots pretty much anywhere you like. Think of it as blush and apply it wherever you would your favorite cream or powder pop of color. Then, once you're done, you have your very own set of natural-looking faux freckles.