'Matcha Makeup' Is The TikTok Beauty Look For The Green-Loving Babes

Matcha has long been favored by health gurus and celebs everywhere — and now it's made its way into makeup. We're not talking about applying tea to our eyes, although it does help with puffiness. We're talking matcha-colored makeup, which is the freshest take on green that we've seen to date. As opposed to lime or emerald green, matcha makeup is a subtle, dusty shade that looks elegant and elevated.

This TikTok user shared a simple, understated look using a matcha green eyeshadow pencil, highlighted with a brighter powder shadow. She kept the rest of her makeup natural and stated, "I think the power in this look is going to be in its simplicity." Of course, there are many ways you can interpret this look by using a bolder green shade or mixing and matching other colors. Just be sure to use a matte green, as you're trying to replicate the texture of the tea.

Green matcha eyeshadow with a swirl of cream on top

Recreate your own tea art with this bold, graphic green eyeshadow contrasted with a swipe of white eyeliner. In order to achieve such a dense color, be sure to use a primer on your lids first. Outline your shape with a flat eyeshadow brush, and press the powder in. Adding a white liner on the inner and outer corners of your eyes is the perfect contrast.

Soft greens and browns are the perfect café combo

Wearing green eyeshadow by itself can sometimes appear a bit harsh, so adding a chocolate brown as a gentle contrast color softens this matcha makeup look. You can apply the brown shade to your crease to accent the green shade or use the shadow as a smudged eyeliner. Feathery lashes add some drama to this fun, blended look.

Bright green matcha eyes are a fun going-out look

Do you have a date night, or are you hanging out with your pals? This trendy makeup look will have all eyes on you. For a nighttime take on matcha makeup, kick up the color by layering a bright green over a darker color. Bring the shadow down to your lower lids and highlight the inner corners of your eyes with a bit of sparkle. To add even more contour, add a moss-green shade on the outer corners.

This simple matcha makeup is pretty and soft for daytime

Colorful eyeshadow can be worn anytime, and if you want something office-friendly, stick with a soft, muted color. Focus the green shade on just your lids and leave your eyes otherwise bare except for a swipe of liner and mascara. A pretty peach-colored lipstick is a great complement to your matcha eyeshadow.

A matcha eye and lip combo is a green dream

Prada is making moss green the trendiest color this season, so why not go all out with the matcha makeup trend? A soft forest green shade on the eyes and lips is on point and isn't overkill when using a matte texture. To keep the look from falling too flat, add a subtle gold shimmer to your lids. Keep your cheeks bare or use a very soft rosy blush for color. Otherwise, let the focus be all about your matcha look.