Prada Is Making Moss Green The Trendiest Color Of Fall 2023

Green: the color of grass, flowers, and nutrient-rich plants that nourish our bodies with fruits and vegetables. Due to this connection between green and the earth, it can be difficult to think of the color as anything other than rustic or even utilitarian. The mossier the green, the easier it feels to relegate it to gardening or hiking a nature trail. However, moss green has so much potential for a more fashionable fate.

Luckily, iconic luxury fashion house Prada has seen the potential in moss green and decided to put the color on the map. The brand's showcasing of the color in its fall-winter 2023-2024 collection is already trickling down and making waves in everyday fashion. If you're not sure how to rock mossy shades of green outside of the flowerbed, take a look at this curated list of examples; you'll find yourself a moss-green convert before you know it.

Cozy vintage sweater

With fall fast approaching, sweater weather is just around the corner for much of the country. Take a note from the green-loving '70s and go on the hunt for a vintage sweater in moss green. Or, search for one in a very similar and very retro shade of avocado green.


Not all moss is a muted shade of green. Certain species — like light green reindeer moss — are naturally all about neoncore. If you're the proud owner of a bold personality, who likes to stand out in a crowd, go for mixed moss greens and make sure one is a head-turning neon. 

Mossy hair

Not everyone who likes to try out trends is also a fan of standing out or taking risks with their clothing choices. If you love the shades moss green has to offer but aren't feeling it in your wardrobe, try it out in your hair. A subtle green tint is all you need for a bit of fashionable edginess. 

Forrest formal

While it's true that moss green is a color that can bring you back to appreciating nature, this doesn't mean it can't be elevated. Try on a mossy green dress next time you're shopping for a special event and see the unexpected pop of vibrancy it brings.

Mossy manicure

Do you love the idea of moss green but not really digging the idea of incorporating it into your clothes or hair? Time for a fresh manicure! Trying a color out on your nails is a great low-risk, temporary option that allows you to get a feel of how it looks on your skin tone without committing. 

Nature's blazer

Oversized blazers have been enjoying a moment in the spotlight all year long, and it's unlikely that they will be falling out of favor any time soon. You can combine an older trend with a newer one by getting your next blazer in a mossy shade of green.