'Eye Cocktailing' Is The Fall 2023 Makeup Trend For Bold, Layered Looks

Hearing about certain concepts or "rules" in the beauty world is not uncommon. One of the most prominent is the idea that you must match all formulas you use to avoid layering contrasting products. While this may hold true for your base makeup, it's a different story for your eye looks. The concept of "eye cocktailing" is a new trend that breaks this rule and can elevate your fall makeup looks from flat to fabulous.

As celebrity makeup artist Jillian Dempsey explained to Byrdie, "eye cocktailing" involves "using different mediums to create a bold finished look." By using different formulas, you can create layered eye looks that are visually interesting and unique, thanks to the contrast between the different products. Whether you mix mattes and glitter or liquids and powders, there are plenty of combinations to experiment with and create dynamic looks.

Each eye makeup formula has its own benefits, and using more than one can give you the best of both worlds. To create the best eye designs for the fall, start with a skin-toned shadow or eyeshadow primer as a base. This will not only hold your looks together but also neutralize your lids, providing a clean slate to apply your eye products.

Cream shadow and powder wing

Many people are accustomed to using liquid or gel wing liners in their makeup looks. However, as more individuals seek quicker and easier methods, powder liner has emerged as an appealing choice. By using a darker eyeshadow color as the base for your wing liner, you can achieve a matte and subtle wing, which is ideal for those who prefer a more versatile option. In contrast, cream eyeshadow has a glossy texture that, when combined with a powder wing, can produce a dynamic eye look.

Gel liner and glitter shadows

Another easy-to-use option for a wing liner is the gel formula. Gel liners have a jelly-like consistency that allows beginners to easily control the brush or pencil. In addition to their user-friendly nature, gel liners have a smooth and silky finish, making them a perfect match for glittery eyeshadows. The combination of the smooth liner and sparkling eyeshadows creates a stunning effect, giving your eyes a glamorous sparkle.

Shimmer powder and liquid liner

Shimmery eyeshadow is a fun and exciting makeup product that can elevate any beauty look to a festive level. To add some contrast, use a stark liquid eyeliner that will create a strong line against your eyeshadow. By applying a shimmery powder eyeshadow against a matte liquid liner, you can add an element of softness and whimsy to achieve a chic look.

Liquid and powder eyeshadows

Sometimes, using just one type of eyeshadow isn't enough. You can enhance your makeup look by combining powder and liquid eyeshadow thanks to eye cocktailing. Begin by applying your powder eyeshadow and creating the desired design. Then, add a shimmery liquid eyeshadow in the same shade as your powder shadow to create a halo effect on the middle or side of the eye. This will intensify the glittery eyeshadow and make your design stand out even more.