Glitter Eyeshadow Isn't Just For Special Occasions - How To Style The Sparkle For The Everyday

There's something about glitter that just makes everything more festive and cheerful. Add a bit (or a lot) of shine to anything and it immediately brightens up people's mood. Feel like adding some sparkle to your face? Glitter eyeshadows are the perfect product for a fun, playful look — and they're not just for festivals and bachelorette parties. You can incorporate twinkly makeup anytime you want and there are ways to make the look subtle like the K-beauty trend giving the classic glittery eye a mature update.

With glitter eyeshadow, it's important to apply a primer to your lids so that the particles have something to adhere to. To capture any fallen particles, use a piece of scotch tape to pick them up from under your eyes and cheeks — or leave them on for extra dazzle. There are also liquid and cream versions you can use for a more precise application. Whether you apply glitter eyeshadow as a subtle highlight or go full-out disco ball on your lids, there are plenty of ways you can rock this look.

Layer glitter eyeshadow over a base color

A neutral eyeshadow swept over the lids is many people's everyday go-to makeup look but for an extra wow factor, add a complementary glittery color on top. To make the glitter really stick, you'll want to use a cream shadow as the base color. If you're using a dry shadow, wet a flat brush with water and gently pat on the glitter — this will give it extra staying power and make the color more intense.

Pink glitter makes any Barbie makeup shine

Of course, you can't give yourself a Barbie makeover without thinking of pink and glitter, and many makeup mavens have been recreating the doll's looks since the movie came out. To add instant oomph, sweep on some icy pink glitter over your lids while adding a brighter pink shade to your crease and undereye area. As an added effect, apply small rhinestones to your browbone using eyelash glue. Tip: Let the glue dry a bit to make it tacky so that it adheres to the skin without falling off.

Line your eyes with glitter eyeshadow

If you want to use glitter eyeshadow to create fun graphic lines around your eyes, glitter pencils or liquid shadows that come with a doe foot applicator are just what you need. They come in a variety of colors and are super easy to use. Keep it simple with a line above your crease, or you can vamp up your eyeliner look with a layer of glitter on top.

Highlight the inner corners of your eyes

For a subtle, everyday daytime look, silver glitter on the inner corners of your eyes is the perfect highlight for your makeup. Keep your lids otherwise bare or add a neutral-colored shadow to the outer lid area. A sharp graphic liner perfectly accentuates the shimmer, while a rosy blush applied under your eyes adds a cherubic touch.

Accentuate your double-winged liner with glitter

The double-winged liner has been trending for a while and there are multiple ways to play around with this look. While black liner is typically used, you can also sport multicolored lines with different shades of pencil eyeliners. For a playful take, line just the outer corners of your eyes with a copper color and then make a sweeping line just above your crease with a pink shade. Finally, dust some rainbow glitter over your entire lids for a fairy-like effect.

A monochromatic glitter eye is perfect for every day

Most people might think glitter and false lashes are too much for an everyday look but we don't think so. A peachy eyeshadow is a great daytime color and a subtle glitter shadow in the same shade adds just the right amount of dimension. Keep the rest of your makeup matte so that the shine isn't too excessive and the focus can be all about your glittery eyes.