Split Tortoise Shell Nails Are The Trendy Update On The Classic Fall Manicure

When it comes to personal style, the transition from summer to fall can be a difficult one to navigate, even if you truly love both seasons. Summer's bold jewel and neon tones and fall's deep earthy hues just don't tend to share a lot of common ground. What if there was a way, though, to marry the two seasons in a perfect transition that you could wear with every single outfit in your wardrobe? Enter split tortoise shell nails.

While tortoise shell patterns feature traditionally autumnal colors, embracing a split nail style allows you to pair them with either neutrals or summery colors as you make the seasonal transition. If you're struggling to leave the summer behind and seamlessly flow into fall, take a look at some of the most flawlessly executed examples of split tortoise shell nails we could find for inspiration. Grab your favorite, head to the salon (or go the DIY route), and get your fall transition on!

Dark sage

Green is one of the few colors associated with both summer and autumn. Take it a notch closer to fall by choosing a dark green sage. Combine with warm tortoise shell and a nude that matches your skin tone for the perfect balance. Incorporate tips, solids, and split nails for the ultimate in visual interest.

Summer blues

Not ready to let go of your bright summer ocean blues? Not a problem. Combine your favorite shade with a tortoise shell pattern for a nail that pops with complementary contrast. If an even split feels like too much, incorporate just a peek of blue here and there.

Array of neutrals

For some, the summer-fall dilemma is as simple as finding a balance between light and dark. Spring and summer remain on the lighter side while autumn and winter feel dark and brooding. Express this sentiment through your transitory split tortoise shell nails by incorporating both light and dark neutrals along with your warm tortoise shell pattern.

Baby steps

If you're only ready to dip your toes (okay, fingers) into the fall season, try a manicure that features a light neutral base with a single dividing line of tortoise shell splitting each nail. Jazz it up by making the lines curve in different directions and adding a few gold flakes. 

Warm and toasty

When you're basically ready for autumn but just hanging onto that last shred of summer, a little peak of nude might be all you need. Try combining warm, solid chocolate brown nails with split tortoise shell nails that feature just a bit of natural nail or natural base. Gold detailing optional.