The 3 Types Of Sagittarius Sun And The Differences Between Them

If you tend to skim your horoscope and come away with the feeling that you don't identify with your zodiac sign, it's key to remember that birth charts are complex and there are other placements likely responsible for the mismatch you might feel. "We are not necessarily born into all the traits of our sign," astrologer Juliana Rose Teal told Well + Good. "As we consciously work on developing the positive traits of our sun signs, we become our unique selves and grow in confidence."


One of the placements that might manifest in surprising ways is your Mercury placement, but what does your Mercury sign represent?  As the planet of communication, it largely dictates how we express ourselves in the world when it comes to the realm of astrology. Mercury is always within 28 degrees of the sun, and for those with their sun in the sign of Sagittarius, their Mercury will either be in Scorpio, Sagittarius, or Capricorn — and there are definitely differences between the three.

Sagittarius sun with a Scorpio Mercury

Sagittarius suns are known for their adventurous, energetic disposition and, well, rather blunt honesty, but when a Sagittarius has Mercury in Scorpio, they'll actually hold their tongue and save their thoughts for moments when they'll leave the biggest impact. So, if you know a Sagittarius who isn't necessarily loud and boisterous, they very well could have this placement. Scorpio is, by nature, skeptical and mysterious – which certainly presents itself when Mercury is in this watery sign.


Those with this placement tend to be secretive and private, only unveiling themselves to those they truly trust and feel a deep sense of safety with. They love to ask profound questions but aren't seeking a direct answer — they thrive by dwelling in the depths of the psyche. Again, Sagittarius suns with Mercury in Scorpio aren't your typical chatty, extroverted archers. It's likely they'll do more observing and save their words for the right moment.

Sagittarius sun with a Sagittarius Mercury

Sagittarius suns who also have Mercury in Sagittarius are larger-than-life dreamers who exude excitement and crave a sense of novelty. Their approach to life is much like that of an artist, infusing their magical vision into everything they do. They also are likely well known for their supreme sense of humor, charisma, and entertaining presence in any room. These individuals live to have their perspective broadened and they love to chat with strangers — or friends they haven't met yet, as they would likely refer to them.


On the flip side of this happy-go-lucky energy is, of course, a tendency to speak without thinking and speak over others, seemingly unable to slow down and consider the thoughts or feelings of those around them. There isn't ill intent in this overzealous habit, but slowing down and making sure to both fact-check and ask if what they're about to say is necessary and kind would be wise for this placement.

Sagittarius sun with a Capricorn Mercury

This sun and Mercury combo is one that probably least resembles the typical Sagittarius archetype. When Mercury is in the serious, hardworking zodiac sign of Capricorn, enthralling musings are no longer daydreams, but solid plans that will absolutely come to fruition. These individuals have dreams full of splendor – and the organizational skills and determination to make it all happen. They'll still have a notable sense of humor as most Sagittarius suns do, however it'll be marked by more of a dry wit thanks to Mercury in Capricorn.


It's possible that this placement can become rigid in their thinking and unable to change course when necessary, digging their heels in. But this stubbornness may serve them well in certain realms. "On the positive side," astrologer and holistic psychiatrist Kayse Budd told mindbodygreen, "they have strong business acumen and are highly professional in their thought and communication." These placements are powerful individuals and most will initially feel intimidated in their commanding presence.